Kenya is lacking spiritually

I used to be an idealist like you but that was when I was a child. Then I grew up and realized everything is just as it should be. If you want change, change what you can control and put a buffer between you and what you don’t want. Basically be the change you want to see in the world and that’s good enough it’s not a must for everyone to do it bcz their life their choice but when you do right you will get as much satisfaction as if the whole world has. Spirituality is personal therefore you can not really assess the spirituality of the collective. It’s as unique as the finger print.

In the grand design it is exactly as its supposed to be. And the worse it appears to get the more fulfillment derived from your being different. For example before abstinence b4 marriage was the norm. It was not a big deal but now with oversexualisation everywhere, people who are abstinent feel very special bcz it’s bcm a rarity. Without all the bad things you take the good for granted. Evil and good are Ying yang. Personally the older I get the more optimistic and hopeful I become. Hope springs eternal.

What about Americans where abortion is in the millions. I think you are over thinking it. It is a global problem not an African problem. Even in the states minority groups barely make it through high school. In section 8 housing sanitation is poor just like in an African shanty.

Let’s call it a black problem then. Because in the states it’s mostly black people having those abortions. Section 8 is primarily also black people

You are not asking yourself why they have to abort.

I agree. Now show me your best #books.

Before you forget, realise that when numbers are constant whites are likely to abort than blacks.

I dunno…they were having sex with people who couldnt afford a child?

They could have given birth then taken the child to the grandmother for upbringing. But they know the cost of having to raise another human being. For Africans, we mostly toss the burden to the community which most often never gives a fuck.

Was there abortion or kids outside wedlock during our parents time? Very few if any. Humans are social animals and adapt according to the environment they are in. The same promiscuous people take them to Afghanistan they will be chaste for years