Kenya has fewer trees than Somalia. Prof Maathai is rolling in her grave :( I just saw some very troubling data on the WorldBank website that states that Kenya at (6.1%) has a lesser forest cover than Somalia at (10.5%). This must be a typo or we as a country are farked up. How can we have a lesser forest cover than Somalia???
For God’s sake we had Professor Wangari Maathai living amongst us and we have fewer trees than Somalia?? This in itself is very very sad sitiwation.
Trees planting costs nothing and no skill is required.
No trees = No future.

Choices have consequences. We were eloquently told that rain doesn’t come from trees, inatoka mbinguni kwa mawingu! And we frequently act surprised when the Turkana/Pokot/Samburu et al fight over water and grazing lands.


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Incidentally, what happened to the National Water & Soil Conservation Corporation? It used to run the building gabions & terraces campaigns and the then ubiquitous ‘kata moja panda mbili’ back in M.O-1’s days in power.

Ati -Wangari is rolling on her grave.NEWSFLASH; Wangari was cremated …not buried


Her ash was strewn all over karura. So it’s good to say she is rolling in her forest:D


First our population is increasing at a faster rate hence the need to create more room for settlement. The day we will be able to control our birth rate there will be a huge change. My two cents

how are we to control our birthrates when our women look as fine as you??!:rolleyes::rolleyes:


Am not derailing this thread


People like ndauwo who have never been past uthiru cheered ruto and Co. When they were defending mau forest destruction. You called Raila all kinds of names then… Sometimes i think you are a very confused guy your behavior is similar to a person drinking alcohol and acting all surprised later as to why he’s drunk


:D:D:eek:Or a woman having unprotected sex and getting surprised that she got pregnant.


Ok, enough of this guys:). How about we objectively critique the world bank’s statistics and perhaps offer our own practical solutions?

Hahahaha what do you expect kama hata hajui eti Wangari hakuzikwa

eyeballing the green patches from the sat image below shows kenya to be more green.

That data I believe is not true, I have been to somalia, all three regions. I can confidently state that the only thing they got over us is a beautiful coastline. Just that

Ooh and some surprisingly beautiful women…

Perhaps the discrepancy lies in the numbers. Which is bigger in terms of land size? if we are larger then we may not necessarily have less trees, just more land mass not covered by trees.

Its a figure of speech boss…though it should be “she is turning in her grave”…not rolling…:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:, that wud be weird @Owuadn.

The figures are not absolute (as, say, the number of trees or forested acreage) but rather relative (a percentage of the total surface area).

The solution is simple. Plant more trees. For those saying we stop giving birth should note that tokyos population is more or less the total Kenyan population …and that is a negative way of solving problems… We have alot of space and resources e for twice the population we have… Arid areas can be afforested . Develop true irrigation methods, and most importantly, subsistence farming should be done away with completely… People should relinquish fertile lands less than 20 acres to groups and saccos who would utilise the lands better for maximum output… We should encourage the development of green cities


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ulitumia baiskeli bado?

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