Kenya and Rwanda public transport
Rwanda has a very organized transport system which does not overcharge when it drizzles yet it is Kenya which has more resources to finance a better transport system. Decorated matatus are good but the sheer discipline needed is lacking in our country. Public transport is managed by a cartel oriented structure where pricing fluctuates based on the mood of the operators.

One-third of profits from this sector go to parties who have nothing to do with the sector. These are the amounts that could have been invested to provide better services.

Kamagera, Kanjo, Karau, Kartel, Kanisa na Ka zingine mingi

The problem with Kenya in my view is the softness of leadership. Kuna siku it was proposed that they will phase out 14 seaters especially inside Nairobi. It was a good proposal because a 33 seater moves double the number of passengers. And they were generous to give them time to transition to 33 seaters ndio wasilie about financial shock.
But softness in leadership showed up again. Uhuru, playing politics and wanting to be a celebrity in 2014, stopped it.
Can you imagine Nairobi streets with zero 14 seaters? I think it would help move many people at one go.

The High Court has temporarily blocked the National Transport and Safety Authority from bringing to an end licensing of 14-seater matatus.

Justice Enoch Chacha Mwita issued the directive after 24 matatu saccos from Nairobi moved to court to challenge the government’s plan to phase out low-capacity Public Service Vehicles.They argued that when the directive to have matatus carrying less than 25 passengers phased out was first made in 2014, [COLOR=rgb(243, 121, 52)]President Uhuru Kenyatta came to the rescue of matatu operators and suspended it.

Kigali province population : 1.1 m
Nairobi population: 4.5 m

Lets not compare apples and oranges

vitu za kupewa ni shida…moja ni right hand, moja ni left hand…

OH MY WORD … RWANDA RWANDA, makes me so happy.

Walisema Rwanda ni ndogo kuliko Kitui

Remove car age limits. Ban small capacity matatus from the city.

Its does.

Waafrika lakini…its very hard for people to accept facts.

if they managed to get their stuff together with their small economy how about us? kenya ni wapi pahali ata tume jaribu hata kidogo…

Nairobi is overpopulated comparing it to Kigali is overreaching, 1 million people have to use a means of public transportation every morning
Nairobi’s metroplotan area has 9 million people that is monstrous
Look at any other city in a developing country with a population that is similar or higher and it’ll be just as polluted, filthy and disorganized.

New delhi, Jakarta, manila are all similar to Nairobi in that regard

How then are Rio de janeiro or Tokyo able to deal with 25 million residents.

True, we need strict enforcement but first, we need to create professional employment for people who rely on the industry.

Wapi juu mi sioni

I love the way Kenyan transport system is complicated… It’s so alien… Anyway all service industries are like that…

Because there is VERY LOW monkey population in Tokyo and Rio

Africans & Middle Easterners are slowly converting Paris into a GHETTO

one is a developed country with the worlds most efficient transport system and the fastest bullet trains in the world with on time perfect records =Tokyo
The other pioneered the BRT system in 1974 to deal with the same problem Nairobi has = Rio