Hello everybody here.Am Babubhai from Bangalore.Am an electronics engineering expert and a full stack developer am also a businessman.I occasionally come to Nairobi for assignments so am looking forward to meeting some of you.



Siku ingine alikuwa kazungu wa karema au nani, mgiriama?

Why talk your local language now?any problem or you just bitter with life man?

Mumemudu kuweka meffi kwa choo huko India?

@Kihii Kiaganu, kihii kihiu mutwe

Wariahe pana lete michezo

Sorry brother you come a cross a very bitter so try get something to keep you busy but dont drink cheap alcohol am always reading in the media about many people in Kinya dying from these deadly brews.

Uktalk utaua watu. You can remove a person from the village but…

Wakameat unasumbua.

Oooooo…Nooooooo… Is the Visa/ boarder thing effective.???

Blame it on Uhuru…

Huyu ni jirani

Did you know??

If you have madodo for lunch, alafu ukazie mshuto i accumulate hadi joini unaweza pika nayo supper.
You just need to remove the regulator, insert the gas pipe into your anus, ûkihîre, then let it rip.

Now you know


Hello No,this is not first time or second time in Kinya.First time i came Kinya was as a lecturer at Oshwal college then got part time employment with book publisher Malkiat Singh.After that i went back home to do my graduate degree after graduating i have had several consulting jobs in kinya so am not that new.

Do you lift?

At least they are alive and kicking taking care of their families unlike some others six feet under because of a demented old maniac. And others are on the way courtesy of the same clown.

Lift what?

show boob and vagene Niaje