bhai,pana kubali nywele ngumu sumbua wewe,


[ATTACH=full]142763[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]142764[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]142764[/ATTACH]Guess what, motherfucker? You are famous!
wakameat unasumbua

I am sorry. I didnt realise how gay you are. Forgot my anti-faggort radar at home today.

I am also thande from mars…

Now you think your are super sleuth no?Your avatar search brings me 254 different results so is that you?Africans are really dumb,do you know the meaning of AVATAR?education is so cheap in India do yourself a favor and get educated.

Okay sir. Now wipe yourself. You smell like shit.
Wakanyama unasumbua.

No problem brother if you pass by the "tribe"i can buy you some liquor or Gin.

Go back to Calcutta you piece of shit. Don’t talk of Africans unless you are an African and an expert.

Gin is also liquor , Mr. Educated!!!

hura ndore ukome

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Go wash in the dirty Ganga river!

Gaand ma Ghal,benchot!

Fuck you too!

ઊંઘમાં જાવ

No Gibleys?

Nimeskia thithi mpaka naumwa na kichwa. Phuck

Homo atwoli was looking for a backend developer. Do you have any experience?

will I be wrong to call you a faggot pimp?