Kei twente fo is dead.


I somehow feel sorry for the journalists…weren’t they recently poached from other stations with a promise of better perks?

Lucky Dube once said, the grass is greener on the other side, till you get there…

Mtu amesema ati Betty hawezi kurudi KTN mahali alihepa, na hawezi enda NTV sababu ex wake ni lead anchor:D

Juzi there was a time the management wanted to implement 50% salary pay-cuts for top earning personalities… kina Jalango and Betty led the protests and went to court to prevent the pay-cuts. Iyo media house iko na financial struggles ile serious …soon mtaona Betty ameunda Tinder account akiuza mkia 3k… nikubaya

Niliona hii kitu mukuru nikadhani ni fake nyews wueh ni kubaya. Betty itabidi arudi kwa sponyo D- Joho ayenyekee angalau apate ka works kwa county

Sai this country has only two media moguls…Gideon Moi and SK Macharia

Interesting read.

True. Just wish KTN would get somebody to revamp its programming.
They can also rebrand btv and ftv and make them vernacular then buy off kameme FM.
On the Newspapers side, they should give The Standard and Nairobian FOC in order to attract advertisements.

Middle class wanatwangwa viboko this year na zile subaru zao sumbua!! No more meals at java , no more instagram photos of the gym. No more pretentious baby showers sijui trip to Naxvegas… Divorce rates will be through the roof this year.

Love will be tested this year. If your wife doesn’t leave you and go back to her parents after the landlord arrives with his padlock, then this is the year you will know you married a selfless girl.

Jaquie Maribe must be enjoying a quiet little chuckle somewhere.

She recently bought a new carpet for her brand new apartment sasa itakuwaje? Arudi kwao tena?

(She has a vlog on youtube.)

They also have burudani TV and farmers tv
Spice FM, and vybz fm

That’s btv and ftv mdau.

Pesa kukosa au hawajiskii?

Betty Kyalo na hio umalaya ulevi yake na ako postwall ataumia saidi na mtoi Ni special needs. Sasa hapa Okari akuwe tiyari for child support

I realised they are shitty when they started weekend with betty manenos.

Huyu Beta male atanyenyekea juu ya mtoi aanza kupeana child support.
Cunt be me.

Your prediction might be wrong.

Hakuna mahali middle class wata enda. The lame ones will get displaced by a new breed of middle class.

The current society/economy can’t survive without them. The country needs middle class now more than ever!

To take those loans, to buy new stuff, to visit those hotels etc. And those who survive this tough period will grow to be more financially accountable.

When the middle class suffers the entire chain suffers.

there is one who came from KBC, now I am sure he’s regretting.
there is a fine woman (Kadzo Mungela) who presents the KBC Friday Kiswahili morning show “Kudzacha” was wondering if bigger stations hadn’t seen her but maybe she had offers, but looked left, looked right and decided to remain with KBC.

Ni kunoma middle class wanaumia. Cars will soon be auctioned off due to loan non payment, rent na school fees ni shida, fellows are even hawking vegetables from their cars to survive :