Kei twente fo is dead.

SG will never go vernacular. MO1 hated these tu vernacular stations and gave Kimotho a hard time when she was starting Kameme FM. Maybe legacy yake iwekwe kando by the son

Depends on revenue generation.
Never say never.
Right now all its platforms are bleeding no actually haemorrhaging money.

Uchumi uko pambaya aisee

You guys are forgetting a very fundamental thing in all this.The Kenyatta Family is expanding eponetioally. K24 has not hit rock bottom.They are merging with Standard Media to make a huge conglomerate Media empire.They are looking at having a monopoly in the media as well. With time they will buy out most of the shareholders in Standard and will have done a sort of hostile takeover…

I haven’t watched KBC news in thirteen billion years.

they have pretty women presenters.
there is one who went to KTN recently.
am sure she’s happy she didn’t go to K24.

Sure. Most beautiful presenters have originated from KBC like Kanze Dena

Kadzo Mungela


Poor guy.
He will be left hapo hapo as the lady becomes his boss.
Reminds me of Sophie Ikenye in early 2000s.
Man that lady was hot. She used akina Joe Ageyo and another dude to climb that career ladder. (Where is she now?)

i think Sophie is in CGTN Africa, with other presenters. Raman, Beatrice marshal, Peninah karibe, and others.
at times maybe we need to curtail our ambitions and make the best of what we have.

IF a sitting president has been unsuccessful in keeping the K24 company why does he think he can run kenya.
the man was born a failure irrespective of how he was born

Sophie hosts Focus on Africa on BBC.

yeah. thanks for the correction

media is a powerful political cant directly use your own media house to push your agenda,moles will betray you and if you fire them be ready for court battles.this is just part of the strategy to clear ruto from mt kenya

So upigiwe makofi ama?

Apana sister

Infact wenye umeweka picha will emerge better after this Covid period…if you dont learn to adjust in life iko shida.

if you get a good thing Wacha kuangalia nje for better unless you are starving

you will be accused of lacking ambition

the kids have clothes, wajalala njaa, you have a retirement plan… who gives a fuck what some ambitious nigga thinks??