Kabachiiri: Miraa Pickups, Trucks and Prombox

These vehicles are normally driven at unbelievable speeds. Accidents are nevertheless rare. This is so because drivers are well choosen. In addition to the training, talent must be evident before one is allowed to drive a Miraa vehicle. Occasionally accidents do occur. These are not caused by the driver but by another person that I want to tell you about.
Every Miraa transportation vehicle has in it a ‘Co driver’ locally refered to as a kabachiiri or a goru. This loosely translates to that person who fans the fire, or a goal keeper. The kabachiiri controls the driver. He is usually a person that has nothing to loose since he is a failure in the Sciety. He doesn’t fear death, andthe is usually an ex convict or a drug addict. His pay is usually food, Miraa and the ride to Mombasa or Nairobi. He tells the driver when to overtake, accelerate and when to break all rules. The thrill of high speed driving makes the driver to get carried away and he finds himself making dangerous manovers. This leads to accidents, usually fatal.

naona kaa hivi ndivo tunapelekwa

Na matokeo ya mbio za sakafuni ni kama hivi:


Times have changed to continue allowing this mediocrity on our roads endangering everyone…We have refrigerated trucks now that can carry the perishable goods and obey traffic rules.

@Meria Mata tutiendaa mantu…tutikuruka tutekuona police…twatirimana ndiiu na msedes utasangaa

Apana haribu jina ya navigators ati hawana haja maishani.

why the fuck would a grown up man need a kabachiiri or goru?

Fuck is wrong with people?

Ati kwa miraa upepo and high speed=fridge

Nyee ino

Issue is time the goods should be at the market

Mzigo iko sette…

aii chief …in kanye?

Can this work? @Meria Mata

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As a village elder you can not think of a logic solution of availing the goods at the market without driving a vehicle like a lunatic?

ungemwita nkaai

You refrigerate miraa the flavor changes unapoteza customer

Wee tiga…

The storage does not have to be refrigerated… But transported in a cool box kind of compartment…

hujai kula miraa,
miraa is not fish, beef or tomatoes.
@mboyshaond hebu muelezee

Mbona wasikamue miraa into juice stored in bottles tukue tunakunywa kama soda?

I do not support it, I gave you the reason why they speed.