Kabachiiri: Miraa Pickups, Trucks and Prombox

The stimulant which causes the high in miraa cannot be preserved through refrigeration. ukieka kwa refrigerated truck ama usieke ni sawa. The only silution is to take it to the market fast as the clock starts ticking once harvested.

Inakaa juice ya spinach:D

In this particular case refrigeration is not encouraged because low temperature will spoil the miraa.

watu hawajawai chana hawawezi elewa, its like heating coka cola before drinking it. yuck!

Miraa ata unajua tu imekaa how long since harvest by the smell of it, hiyo ndio quality assurance test. Refrigeration is out of question when if comes to miraa.

Y’all are missing the point.Every perishable commodity has a shelf life and the optimum transportation temperatures for it to maintain its “original” form. I’m not suggesting for it to be frozen.

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you still wrong, miraa kwa fridge NO
same case why mnazi haifiki Nairobi from Mombasa,
anything harvested has to be consumed within 24 hrs