Jimmy Gathu :Dont be this guy


Jimmy Gathu is on heavy media rotation after a long hiatus .Having worked in the media for so long and earning high salaries,you’d think that jamaa alikua amejipanga .A guy who earned a mita in 95 saa should have been in the ‘Boys Club’ by now .

"So, it shocked me when Coca-Cola called and asked me to be their youth ambassador in 1995.I made my first million at the age of 25. Back then, that was a lot of money.


"I went from earning a substantial salary to relying on the support of my wife as I worked on the TV station, which wasn’t moving as quickly as I wanted.

I went from sitting in a place of influence, having presidents take my call, to knocking on doors, trying to get people who’d promised to help to come through. Many haven’t. "

From the little snippets I know about his life ,I can infer mistakes he did .
1.Got pussy whipped by an older singo matha and married her immediately after he started to make money .Hii tunawakataza kila siku .
2.Alipiga sherehe sana and didnt develop a saving/investment culture .
3.Kilimani life can be very expensive .

Imagine if this guy had gone MGTOW in 95 after his 1st mita at 25 and focused on himself and his career till kitu 2005 .Saa hii he would not be chasing businessmen in town to invest in his risky media venture .He’d be in the ‘boys club’ with akina Quarcoo .Reading and listening to him you can actually tell that he is full of regrets .

My advice : Save ,invest and if you can avoid alcohol .

uyo singo matha wako naye bado?

A man who decides to marry a single mother especially when he’s in his 20’s is incapable of making any sensible business decisions. That is someone incapable of doing a cost-benefit analysis which is a vital thing in business. Ata saa hii if he were to get wealthy again, he’d still lose it all again

Yep.He is actually a grandfather at 50 courtesy of the singo matha’s daughter .



Kwani hii ni 'NO CHILL THURSDAY ', Baana ! ! !

life is different hii maisha haupangi unaeza invest na ikunywe maji

i wouldn’t blink even twice nikipewa selina wa mother in law[ATTACH=full]246294[/ATTACH]

I never get why dudes are obsessed with her. Ama ni juu she’s an actress, because if you strip that away from her, she’s just another average woman on the streets.

boys club ni old money, you rarely become rich by saving and investing - you become wealthy by spending on connections, and hopefully getting invited into those clubs - otherwise hata that 1m which might be like 10m sasa si kitu, even if yousave half of it and the rest ununue shares za KQ na tu plots hapo greater eastern bypass.

It’s life… Throws you a curve ball…

Oigara and Quarcoo have earned their way into the boy’s club . 1 million in 95 was a lot of money .A 100*100 plot in Kahawa Sukari was going for 150K sasa ni 10-12 Million .

oh no…she is not…there’s the average kind then there’s this[ATTACH=full]246297[/ATTACH] .am telling you as a man who’s sampled several types…

kcb ceo is mostly a political office, you dont rise to that position by virtue of hardwork only, you have to be well connected, that one I know, huyo mwingine I dont know much about him, but what I know for one to push through that many media stations political connections ni muhimu, especially considering they started during kanu’s regime.

Lakini my point is, you dont get wealthy by saving and investing, you do the same by spending on connections, and 1 m even back in 95 would not have been enough to buy one good political/old money connections.

on the plots even if he used that 1m to buy 4 plots huko sukari he would have had to wait for a good 20 years for the same to be valued at 40m (as you put it above), 40m can not get you into those clubs, remember that is not even liquid cash it would be tied up in land at kahawa, most of which does not even have title, ni share certificates

ile siku kunguru atapata handle yako utakuwa refugee.

:Dhakuna kitu hajui

I usually see her when they are shooting and she has a killer body and a ka nice beautiful face .

Wewe ni waiter wa hoteli gani wanna shoot

your name speaks volumes

Iyo Selina ya Harpic pia ilidanganya kijana flani akamfuga pamoja na kijana ya wenyewe, mwenye alikuja Kama anaweza Kula mahindi choma.

That Selina character tushaifanya na yeye kazi pale kangudo road and she hangs out with hot ngeos