Jimmy Gathu :Dont be this guy

Na vyenye Jimi alikuwa anatuhangaisha na zile adverts zake za Fanya Hesabu.
Kumbe ata hakuwa amepiga zake.

Hana lifting belt, she doesn’t lift heavy those shoes are not for squatting, na hio tumbo si flat, gym bros tume kata hawa ni wale wa kuenda kudance gym, hizo gloves sijui ata kwanini anavaa she needs to get her diet and training on point

Did you borrow the goods?

Im thoroughly disaapointed na Jimmy Gathu. Kumbe that Cute Lady who made him a Grandfather is not her biological Kid???

Huyu mtu ni Ghaseer Kabisa, at the height of his career huyu jamaa angeingiza any lady box, but nooooooo, she chose to marry a single mother. Respect gone kabisa, shenzi yeye.


Living life as a feminized beta is a very expensive undertaking.

Phil ni beta chieth and this Celina chic will probably never bear him a child especially kama amekuwa akitwanga family planning hizo miaka zote. Why would any sane man marry a woman past 30 mwenye ako na kijana iko almost kugonga adolescence? Anyway, wacha jamaa aishi kulelea jangili ingine mtoto. Can’t be me.

Red pill philosophy Ni muhimu ,mboys better learn the lessons na watu wengine …bahati akicheza atakua the next gathu

Ouch!! Very ouch!!!

Hapa Selina has breathed-in yake yote, ame-hold breath yake sana ndio apate flat tummy… :D:D:D

You people are naive as 12-year old boys… Optics za instagram zinawachanga excess…

Red pill philosophy needs to be taught to any male child from an early stage as it will definitely help them in the future.

Huyu bahati kweli anafaa kujichunga women are master schemers.

:D:D Ghasia alikuwa anatufanyisha hesabu na zake hajafanya.

Let this small boys know the real world. I’m seeing comments zingine hapa, I bet almost all coming from people who still live at the parents houses.

Jimmy just messed up maybe by not having invested well at the early stages, but he woke up later on I suppose.
Otherwise he wouldn’t still be relevant for discussion.
One thing I know, if he was smart he would be owning a couple apartments in kilimani, back when he was making millions, apartments, 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom were going for 3m.
When it comes to business, we’ll it’s a 50/50 thing making it, many businesses that existed in the late 90s aren’t here with us. You never know, with business.

Deejay wote ni Malaya…

Nothing like that! Grandfather kamili!

His not yet 50 but he became a grandfather much earlier

Even worse …But he is 49 if not 50

I think he was 45 or thereabout… Kungurulet

His age is mentioned in the article. Soma