Jennifer Lopez is still a dry fry material at the age of 46

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would like to have a taste of that old pu******

she was the arse master/mistress of the 90’s, I had a picture of her arse in my ever empty wallet back then

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Let’s see how long she can keep it up. Eventually nature will take it’s toll

That butt:eek::eek:
its insured for 27 milion USD.
imagine dry frying hiyo butt:eek::frowning:

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If I get drunk next to her am afraid I may just spank it; consequences baadae


the only anal i wanna have ni huyu mama, hio insurance has to have backup…

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That skin has an inch thick make up … nevertheless I would TAP it!

a true definition of a hot milf

I can top this!!! Word!

I can top you. Weka mbisha na mimi niweke yangu.

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Sawa! P.S No makeup No tan


Waiting? This is between me & miss goody two Stoneys! Inbox pap!




haiya chunga usivunje screen kama ile picha ulipost juzi…

haha kama hii?



better to apologise than to ask for permission…tap out tap out

phew! I thought this was a mbisha of a guy fapping I had to look over my shoulder before scrolling