Jennifer Lopez is still a dry fry material at the age of 46

she was a good girl until she started partying with the bad boy niccurs. akina Pee Diddy walispoil huyi dem

Mmmh. Kalikuwa na dress commando? I wish I was an ant to get a better view of that puthi.

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Gay rights

SIWES mind dryfry

Aliharibiwa before puff. Alikua anakamu lies na ninjas left right and center when she was a dancer on show ya In living color. They used to call her ‘Hey Ho’. Puff swooped ka captain save a ho


I remember her in living colour back in the day. Hiyo kitu ina mileage sana. But puffy was really affected by their break-up mpaka akaimba ile ngoma ya ‘I need a girl.’