It Doesn't Matter Whether You're a Birrionare or a Peasant

There has been a school of thought in this forum that money is important to keep a woman.

On the other hand, elders like @Azor Ahai like to point out that there is nothing a 35 to 40 year old man driving a Benz has on a young 20 something year old with 6 packs.

The older guy might have the money, but the younger guy has the vigor.

Well, it doesn’t really fucking matter. Mumeona jamaa akona Benz E-Class dem yake akichotwa na jamaa akona Suzuki Swift.

At the same time, you could be a young man in your 20s hitting the gym every single day to keep those muscles and 6 pack in check but the minute your girl meets up with a 50 year old governor, you will see her on Instagram stories enjoying trips in Dubai and Monaco.

Look at Natalie Tewa; Her ex was a gym guy with a 6 pack. Ata huyo msee wake saa hii ni mtu wa gym. Kidogo kidogo akapatana na Joho akapanda private jet wakaenda Dubai.

My point is, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re a birrionare or a peasant. Whether you go the gym or your pockets are deep, kunguru ni kunguru. DON’T try to domestic a wild crow.

Don’t confuse attraction with loyalty. Those are 2 different things.

And that is the word of elder. Cursed is he who deviates from this copius amounts of wisdom spitted here.

Unaweza kuwa na 6 pack, broke at 24 years lakini kupatana na hao fly mamas ni ngori coz huna kakitu to make you visit places they frequent. So ni hawa wazae rich watapatana nao tu na kuwatomba

I am yet to see a serious gym rat who goes to the gym so as to impress women

Please exercise to keep fit both in mind and body. Mambo ya wanawake wachana nayo. Tafuta khupipi akuzalie generation.


Faggots like you should never discuss women.

mtu aende gym kwa manufaa ya health yake binafsi. mtu atafte pesa kwa manufaa yake binafsi. Joho uchapa gym ile serious, na pia pesa anatafta bila mchezo ata kama ni kuuza vitu haram hajali.


Boss,iko nini? Pale unaingia na unakunywa sprite na lemon ndani yake na unaitisha flask iko na maji moto for special effects. Haukua na waalimu wa hizo miradi after umalize shule? Ama bado uko shule? You dont have to be reach to snag those heavywaists old hags but you can act like one ,atleast die trying.

It’s simple live a healthy lifestyle and be loyal to the bag… mambo ya kutawaliwa na haga tumekataa…


Wild crow ni kama kusema aquatic fish - thereby doing this to Osungu.

With all the technology at the disposal of women, to satisfy them sexual, I’m surprised we are still talking about men vigor.
Tafuteni pesa.

Kunguru character is inside any woman. Circumstances bring it out or keep it under check.

My cup runneth over with the wisdom thou hath imparted upon thee! :D:D:D

I agree mpaka ile point umesema “don’t try”…the trick is to try and succeed but don’t floss…cause many people are lonely and will feel bad

Herein lies the problem. They are kungurus because of the places they frequent. Rarely will you find a homely self respecting woman here. From my experience you never go looking for a good woman, they suddenly appear where you least expect. Those on the hunt are not worth chasing

Wow?! Look at this! A faggot accusing a man. Am triple the man you’ll ever be supreme faggot

Thank you. Aliye na sikio, na asikie.