Isaac Ruto Recycling

News reaching us sahihi ni kuwa Isaac Ruto is to be appointed cabinet secretary for energy to replace Keter. Imagine mabuda Uhuru is recycling useless thugs (mainly anti-Ruto kalenjins) who looted the county dry to run Kenyan key ministries in order to fight his political battles with Ruto. Kwani huyu jamaa anataka kuaja legacy gani? Unywaji ya pombe pekee? such a useless drunkard to have ever been voted president. Mungu atuhurumie tu. Huyo jamaa atatumaliza manzee
Military chopper picking Ruto this morning aje statehouse[ATTACH=full]302222[/ATTACH]

This is now personal.
I don’t know what Lootal did to Muratina 1.
The hate is too much.

Grab your popcorns kikikikiki

Anataka to push arap mashamba to the wall so that he quits…halafu DCI amchangamkie.

this govt of national unity will be very difficult to run for uhuru

I will wait and see. So many rumours floating around


Un fortunately the president can only work with people who are ready to work with him…
i would do the same in a similar situation…

Its Ruto who should have humbled himself, don’t expect the President to start going on his knees when he has options

That would amount to gross misuse of military aircraft.

:D:D:Dthis country of ours

I have always been of the opinion that, William Ruto, undermining Isaac Ruto and not having him in his inner circles was a huge blunder.
Same applies with akina Sally , Hosea, Franklin and all those who were with Moi.
Uhuru destroyed Mwangi Kiunjuri’s ambitions of becoming Mt. Kenya kingpin by embracing Him, and not keeping him at a distance.

Isaac Rutto amejaa chuki kama truwoman kapondi.


Not only that,
hanging out with low IQ greenhorns like Murkomen ,Sudi, Ndindi Nyoro will be his biggest regret…

In the storm WSR has chosen to take shelter. The dynasties must be losing their minds. Why is he not resigning or showing anger and frustrations.

I have said it before, this is very very personal, it is not politics. Isaac Ruto is a good choice though in the fight. This is going to be messy and noisy.

Replacing Keter is tantamount to re-igniting ethnic violence in the Rift.
If he does this today, expect skirmishes tomorrow in parts of Kericho and Eldoret
Keter is a warlord.

Kuna video ya Atwoli niko nayo apa anasema same thing. It has refused to upload

Nothing will happen, sahii Uhuru anangojea tu kitu kama hio, ukibeba kichwa ndani.


You can say that but you know the truth on the ground.