Is it right for Gays and Lesbians to Force the General Public into their Ish??

Those are the fringes of the society whose choices and preferences cannot and should not be legislated into mainstream society. I may cherish and enjoy my twisted freedoms but that does not make them equally beneficial for the larger society.

Christianity and the bible are products of Israel. Europe just happened to adopt them first.

So are you advocating for PDsA from the so called gay brigade?

Chiq you mad by saying that… and if you watch cartoon porn you seriously fucked up…

Btw I didn’t mention religion in ma argument that’s a by product of what the west are using to divide us as Africans. It’s true that we have diverse ethnicity in Africa but there is on thing that’s true… We are very moral and our compass always point due north… Dnt scamper ma judgement of the West by religion coz even governance it’s of their making…

Choices have consequences and you choice should not be alien to me nor ma ethnicity‚Ķ If you want to be gay go to the western countries where they condone and accept it but dnt bring your ‚Äėliberation‚Äô to conservative nation like Kenya or Africa‚Ķ

Y get dupped by a westerner than an act is good coz its consenting btwn two adults…

I bet if an animal was asked to choose between dick or knife they would choose the later but both are not natural. dick is to pussy ONLY as ass is to shit


I think every living organism is pro-life,so your right

Dude when you find a mad man in a market do you conclude and say all the traders are/will become mad… They is a reason why faggotry is un African

Soma tena ‚ÄúI bet if an animal was asked to choose between d*ck or knife they would choose the later (sp)‚ÄĚ

Well, since we’re protesting all things unAfrican, why don’t ya’ll log off of this newfangled white man’s Internet and go herd some goats?


You want to come out right here? right now? this way?

You are one stupid pink handler. Use your brain not punani…

LMAO! Sick burn! You sure got me. How will I ever recover?