Is it right for Gays and Lesbians to Force the General Public into their Ish??

I have always thought that one is free to choose whoever they will have or not have intercourse with as long as it is between one, two,three, four …consenting adults. Sex just shitting is a private affair should be kept private and is not for public consumption. I therefore take offense when these pro-LGT activists come out publicly to forcing the general public to consume their ideas, sijui freedoms… bla bla,.

I think Kenya is a very liberal country and I am not sure I have heard of anyone who has been convicted for engaging consensual gay/lesbian activities. Mnataka nini ingine?

So please do not force your unorthodox and taboo sexual practices on us

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Tell me more about the man who broke your heart…


Its 4makind and not 4mankind

Is this true?? I have not heard of a single case where one was jailed or killed for their orientation. Unless you are talking of rapists and paedophiles

:D:D:D:Dkilled it

When you have a group of say handicapped people coming out asking for their rights to be recognized would you be so objectionable?
Its the same things here. Here is a group of people who feel disenfranchised by society and believe they have a right to be heard. hence all the noise you hear…they arent asking you to watch them have sex any more than the handicapped person wants you to watch them navigate a flight of stairs.



Tell @N


But those handicapped guys don’t fuck same sex butt and sell their ideas about but fuckin through media right? anyway, i have to agree that we cant win this war on gays, but i will kill anyone trying to advocate to me how:
-gay is genetic.
-try to sell his ideas to any of my kin with my consent. if its natural then he should wake up one day and say"dad, I’m menstruating with my anus", or " dad, i got balls in my pussy but no dick, am i gay?’

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So your kind is gay?

Whether they literally sword fight with their dicks or blow bubbles with their butts isnt what they are up in arms about. They just want the right to sword fight and blow butt bubbles in private without getting killed for doing it. They are consenting adults that want to do it so let them. Its not like they will be doing it on the streets, because there are laws preventing even straight people from humping away on the road.
whether or not you believe its genetic or not, is immaterial.

And the only reason its in the media is because they get killed, injured and discriminated against. Lets for a second assume being gay a lifestyle choice, same as any religion. The way you can decide to be catholic, jewish or a satanist. Would you condone a person of a particular religion being discriminated, injured or killed just because of what they believe in? if they had to go on telly saying i believe in this-and-that and for that reason, i cant hold a job or get married (not in church mind you) would you still think its ok?

Where do you draw the line on sexual orientation…then guys really love dogs,horses,sheep etc etc shouldn’t be vilified also since they were born that way.If you take it up the ass that’s your business,I don’t go around telling people I love to be whipped


i think line is drawn by remaining within the same species :):smiley:

That’s just semantic to people who see a rottweiler and get weak in the knees…or the guy in nyeri,bestiality is as old as prostitution so why not legalise it

But they arent on the same level are they? you cant compare bestiality to two chics or two guys having relations. Bestiality is really about a compulsion to have sex with an animal, homosexuality is something else entirely. There is noone confessing their undying love for a sheep or that rottweiler, and i am most certain those animals would be quite happy not to have a human dick in them either.

‘Compulsion’…you nailed it,they cant help themselves so why are they ostracized and ridiculed by society.Also I don’t get how polygamy is illegal while homosexuality isn’t

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When you eat veal or steak,were the animals asked to consent ama its special when sex is involved?


Why are heterosexuals so vocal against the homosexuals…hakuna mtu analazimisha mwingine akuwe shoga…live and let live…as long as they do they thing in private…i couldnt care less about them

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We let them fuck and have relationships, what else do they want?

They make too.much noise.


That is my point exactly!!! Why all the hoolabalooo