Is it right for Gays and Lesbians to Force the General Public into their Ish??

Letting them fuck and have relationships would mean repealing part of the law making homosexuality a crime. That is what the noise is about…

It is a campaign for making homosexuality to appear cool and fashionable; believe me it has got nothing to do human rights. There are other more important human rights violations that deserve attention. I think the main agenda here is to control birth rate, you have heard nowadays they are secretly adding hormonal contraceptives to vaccine. If homosexuality is legalized now it will take only one or two generations for practice to appear normal to everybody. And because children are separated in terms of gender when growing up in school and other social institutions, then majority of people in generations to come will find it easier to have homosexual relationship than heterosexual.

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Then they should come out and initiate a process to repeal the laws that declare homosexuality illegal plus amend the constitution to accommodate the same. That would be better than the constant yapping and endless press conferences.

I can’t believe there are Africans hia that are advocating for homosexuality. I have always said western culture will be the doom of us as Africans. Since colonization what can you say the western culture did to us as Africans that uplifted us? Apart from dividing us which they still do be it economically or socially? Niggaz you need to grow some brains and read in between the lines…


@Cypher254 Nice avatar. Have you watched the gay hentai clips with Kenshin in them? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

It’s important to note that the push for gay rights as fundamental human rights is the push for love between TWO CONSENTING SAME SEX HUMAN ADULTS to be accepted and formally recognized.

Please take a moment to fully digest the words I have put in caps.

The push for these rights should never be misconstrued as a push for other minority forms of human sexual expression such as paedophilia and beastiality.

That is why you will never get anybody of sound mind supporting paedophilia, for instance, because it involves sexual relations between an adult and a non-consenting non-adult i.e. an innocent child, whose innocence is shattered and childhood robbed through the forced sexual activity.

Likewise, beastiality is an infringement on animal rights because it involves sexual contact between a human adult and a non-consenting animal which is mentally incapable of consenting to sex with a human.


There you go with the African culture…it’s like saying European culture…africa is a collection of many countries with thousands of tribes…every different tribe has its own peculiar culture which even religion either Christianity or Islam does not condone…it’s like saying this practice is against Kenyan culture…when I ask you which culture exactly you will come down to your tribal culture…but then again even in your tribal cultures we choose which culture to uphold and which one to hide depending on the circumstances and our religious affiliation…a Swahili culture and tradition from coast is tottally different from a Turkana’s one…so it all boils down to religion…but remember this religion is less than 100 years old in Africa esp Christianity…it was brought in Africa by the gun and forced down our throats…now we say western culture is influencing us…Christianity is western culture No? They have practiced it for eons…No? And even there it has mutated depending on the political situation from the Roman Catholics, to the church of England, to the calvinists, to the protestants…and up to now it keeps on Changing to the point that have accepted race relations and marriage btwn blacks and whites etc, evangelical churches, allowing the clergy to marry…my point is religion is fluid it keeps changing with the time …but Africans are still stuck with the colonial religion mentality while I’m the same breath they have incorporated pagan ritual practices and traditions in Christianity and they are so many I can’t even list them here…so my question is can religion be separated from culture…can anyone draw a distinct line btwn culture (Mila na utamaduni ) and religion ( dini)

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so you are pro gay?

Kenshin Himura aka Battousai ati gay WTF

African culture means all African tribes and peoples.Any rebuttal?

I find it strange that Obama supports gays but try marrying more than one wife,you’ll land in prison faster than you can say no hommo

That’s so vague because Hakuna common ground

I’m pro choice…ni kama tu sahii serikali yenu waanze crack down Kali on all people who watch porn “nguati” as u call it …because its against "African cultural values " and it’s making young men like you not to get married and gives you false expectations about sex

Religion and the Bible is western culture to the core

What common ground? Any one African tribe that subscribes to that culture?

There is no such thing as pro-choice, not even in lesser animals. Standards apply, even among ants. You may have a choice to sleep naked but not to walk in the same state - despite the fitting argument that you were born naked.


And that’s why we have nudist beaches Hata one was opened juzi in SA for people who feel they have a right to express the way they were born

Why the vague blabbering? Umecheza na maneno tu.