INEOS 1:59 Challenge Live Stream

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Ruto will never win anything

What’s the green laser for?


To aid him in keeping up with the projected time, as long as he keeps up with the laser he’s good

Pacers hawahurumii yeye wanavuta kweli

Githae ametangaza msimamo very loudly.


Good to see they are enjoying sidewalks and jogging lanes halafu hapa barabara inajegwa without pedestrian even bike lanes

He is only 8 seconds into the barrier.
At this early stage it seems like a very challenging fete.

10 sec late shait. Ni ngumu saidi

Fact: The average man (you and six billion others), riding on a bicycle, cannot out-compete a marathoner in a marathon race. That is how fast marathoners are.

We are tuned in from start to finish. Go Eliud. Go… Mungu amufanikishe…

He usually runs faster on the second half of the Marathon. Something that puzzles everyone.



He’s 50 seconds ahead of his time.

i stupid question if may ask, is he the only one running ?

It’s not stupid boss. Technically, yes. The other are all pacemakers. That’s why they are changing at intervals.

actually he is not supposed to overshoot the laser projections coz he will be out of cue. Iyo laser ni ya pacemakers