INEOS 1:59 Challenge Live Stream

55 seconds ahead of time, this is totally incredible.

Anararua iyo time. I trust he will by 1:57

Yes, he is the only contender. This race is just a milestone event to break this human barrier that’s considered impossible. IAAF sanctioned it but it will not feature as the official record because the pacesetters join and leave every 5Kms. Kipchoge will also get drinks every 10km on bikes not a stand.


Umetoa wapi hii na tunaona ako 11 sec late?

Where is Brand Kenya Marketers?
We are being promoted here for free. Worldwide.
It would have been a great opportunity to market ourselves to the next level!


I understand a lot of bars are offering this.

froome pia alijaribu video message yake in swahili

The answer below.


Brand Kenya is politically driven and in sports they avoid such instances kabisa unaona vile NBA wanapata shida Hong Kong

asha fika 1hr mark so he needs only 58 minutes and with his current pace he needs another green 40 seconds

Wait sorry. I think I got it wrong. Hebu niweke volume. Nilikuwa nimeweka mute.


Regardless of whether he breaks it or not, he will be a great role model in #NoHumanIsLimted initiative…I know he will shave it off by more than seconds. Yote tisa , @spear ni shenji kabisa.

Kenya power penye mko mungu anawaona, ghaseer nyinyi

Eliud gave the thumps up at halfway mark. Its all go to break the record.
The records being broken on the first half of the Marathon.
Kipsang is back on as captain of the pacesetter to carry on the tradition of a faster second half of the Marathon

Sikujua lagat na limo walikuja kumsaidia enyewe we can ride on this thing to market kenya proper

*159# chukua bandos uendelee kuwatch yiutube

Hio billboards ziko kando zenye zimeandikwa ineos zimefunga hizo ma side walks na jogging lanes .

Hujaelewa the implied irony

Individuals on that board should be fired immediately kipchoge crosses the finish line , and also I doubt if ratclife the owner of ineos would have accepted for some shitty companies tanishing his conglomerate .