Inaniuma sana. It hurts me so bad :(

Kusikia ati Cech anaenda kale kateam



don’t worry, be happy…he played his part and a man must move on at some time in their lives…

We should not sell such a good player to our immediate rivals :frowning:


those are not our rivals…ni katimu kadogo wacha wampate tuone kama atawasaidia kuinua game

Cech= 12 points according to sir Ferguson.

nyinyi munalia Chech sisi Manchester united facing the possibility of losing De Gea is worse on all levels. Atleast you guys have Curtois, he is the best.


Very true

maze that storo of De Gea sitaki hata kusikia and am sure he will be signed by that Mob towards the close of the transfer window

The only silver lining (which is not assured anyway) is we might get Sergio Ramos or Varane in exchange, maybe even Carvhalal the Right back.

Plus Hugo Lloris wouldn’t be too bad a replacement.

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Team Gunners for life hiyo ingine ni kelele.


Hahaha! hapa DeGea alikuwa ameshangaa akiongeleshwa kisungu ni kama talker fulani hapa nasijasema ni @ekamsweu


Arab Money


i’d rather we get varane

Here is a picture of Cech


holding the EPL trophy for the last time…


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Ramos discipline yake si poa, Varane is a better option. He still has many years ahead of him. Funny how some claim Chelsea ni team kubwa but has only won 5 english championships in its history. Chelsea plastics still have a long way to go.


chelsea ni third tier ya zile team kubwa maybe in another twenty years watakuwa a big team and man utd>> arsenal>>cfc

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Goodness gracious! you can’t compare Ramos to Varane. You just cant

Varane is a very good defender. He might not be better than Ramos but he will be in the next two seasons. Ramos is almost 29 and at that age, he might only give two good seasons to any premier league team that signs him. If I was Van Gaal, I would opt for Varane because he is has a lot of experience at only 22 and he is very mobile.

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For a defender, and a Central one at that, age is always a plus (unless they’re past retirement age). In fact at 29 ndio anafika his peak. For reference uliza John Terry, Maldini, Puyol, Stam, Tony Adams, Cannavaro