Inaniuma sana. It hurts me so bad :(

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One thing I get disappointed about this top notch expensive clubs (Bayern Munich and Real Madrid to be precise) is their greed. Though Munich usually try to negotiate, its still hard to get a good player from these teams. Yet on their side, since money speaks, they can throw any head turning amount of cash just to get who they want. Madrid for instance made Bale the most expensive player yet we can all agree he really aint the player to hold such a prestigious title (even though he is still a great player) in this era. Sasa these guys are so hard on the Ramos deal yet they want United to easily give them De Gea. As much as he (Ramos) is a good player, he is getting old and getting a good replacement at such a time (end of season) would be an ideal thing given that they are being given a great keeper who may not need that good legs for defense, that is, if you check how poor United’s defense was and still managed to push them to the 4th slot of the EPL. I heard this Ramos swap story over the radio and from what i learnt, its like they are so bitter to even think of selling Ramos. Just by typing this, I have recalled how they managed to scoop Ronaldo, Beckham and Ruud Van Nistelrooy at their hay days and we still managed to get a grip on the top slots. Fuck this team!!

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Musa Okwonga, a blogger who writes about MUFC on ESpn actually pointed out most of the players who move from Manchester to Madrid do not win as many titles as they would have if they had stayed. None of these players even win more trophies than they did @ MUFc.


feck them and you put it like a true red but when it comes to buying players utd can rival any club ispokuwa real

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And Barca.