In Love with Supu Don

i have something for this woman, wacha nifungue roho na nilale.

Nilisikia ni mama mzee sana, mkujie pole pole


Hata mimi I’m in love with a talker…

is it me bae? i knw its me

@Supu don jilete hapa, Kuna mtu anakudai.

Finally you admit you want me to cum deep inside that wet cunt

Toeni ufala hapa

na uchunge @Supu don ako na strap on atakukamua nayo

Except for me, this post is going to attract all the dirty characters in Ktalk.


yes you are not dirty but filthy because of your fantasy of fucking a nun

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Talkers dont be too excited, if you check most of @Unicorn posts and comments mtajua huyu pink handle amenikufa mbaya na sio utani.

It is not a fantasy, I have done it.

Let me ask you a question,

Between a Nun and Some body’s wife, which one will you be comfortable fucking?




Hea is kush[ATTACH=full]5284[/ATTACH]

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wanaume ni kujitetea

…you are right…ni mama mzee…uko na shida?

Unlike for @FieldMarshal CouchP this lady doesnt bring to life my old and frail bones but she gives me an adrenaline rush, she gives my youth unmatched will to do anything, she makes me a dynamo. i know her from way back , from klost, i used to see her comments, the boldness in them, i would always get stuck for a couple of minutes re-reading her comments, i loved her print because that was the only way i could come close to her, i held it in for so long but cant hold it anymore (hakuna mbicha) now am out for the sunshine or the rain, or the sunshine in the rain. … got nothing to lose.