In Love with Supu Don

hahahhahah…you know i got hots for you…:slight_smile: morning

hahahhaha…oooky…so i may ask, what was ur other handle from klist?

…wacha hate speech…:slight_smile:

@Supu don wacha maswali mingi na vile jamaa amejitetea .There’s so much passion and determination in his comment;)

hahaha…sasa nifanye aje…i have seen him around…from waaaaaaaaaaay back…:)…hahahai will gladly quench his thirst…


should be @wamum

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[ATTACH=full]5290[/ATTACH] hehehehe wacha ufala


Hehe, Serree!

Hey lady, i was going by the handle Dentist5

Derailers wachana na hii post, am speaking with HER


I am now…:slight_smile:

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Wacha @Hunter Xp ajitetee. Atleast he can voice his feelings out to a woman unlike some people…na sijasema Monkey.

You dont know how excited i’m! :slight_smile:

I can smell jealousy from you @old monkey

Are you the monkey?

Old monkey…u shld thank klist that u hv ktalk…

all your comments about klist have been negative…

mmmh am flattered…

Kusema ukweli huwa nimekupenda sana, your intelligence has made me a long serving sapiosexual, ile tu nimekuwa nikijiambia huyu mrembo hata simjui… but you know the heart wants what it wants and its you i want.

Continue the vibe. Am your secretary you two, taking notes.

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