I'm not buying this quorum thing

Vile naona ni kama tumecheswo hapa. That socialite Mwilu didnt attend points to something sinister. She’s one person who you’d expect to shout ‘I will not be intimidated even if you kill my bodyguard!!’. But excusing herself ati ameenda kuona bodyguard in hosi?? Ooh pulizzz! The wakoras couldnt bring themselves to postpone the election coz 1. They were without evidence of election irregularities coz the elections were yet to occur. That they postponed the date until after elections means there will be no need of another petition, just today’s case will do. They’re praying that they get evidence. 2. They realized that postponing meant amending the constitution.

So what do they do? Create a crisis in such a way that they dont have to order the elections to proceed, and in doing so maintain the uncertainity that the election could be easily nullified again. Well played wakoras!

One little problem though. This Modus Operandi will be exploited again, this time by friendly judges, and both the CJ and Socialite will find themselves jobless very soon

Excellent! This is what I’ve been saying to Jubilidiots who are busy celebrating. Even if orders to stop the election are granted in the next hearing and it is deemed too late due to circumstances,it will be enough grounds to nullify the election if a petition is filed.

lakini hapa Jubilee imecheza kama messi hata JSC ikichukulia Njoki and co disciplinary actions Uhuru will appoint a friendly commision iwa let off , saa hii jubilee ni ku frustrate maraga mpaka a resign .

Never ever,Maraga has more cards to his chest than anyone in this country.

You have my thoughts. Small minds are out there celebrating over something that the cards are hidden. Hiki ata kikifanywo its very likely to be annulled on the next day.
Ahsande kwa kuniskiza

You just gave someone a life line, :D:D:D:D:D he typed 100 words saying nothing.

I disagree a bit. The fact that the CJ wanted to hear this case means he wanted to make a ruling, which ruling? I dont know. I believe the shooting yesterday has made Mwilu reconsider her position, Wanjala has abandoned his earlier position hence missing the full judgement and today. An election petition will be taken to court but the majority will rule otherwise. In my opinion.

Unlike dolts like you, I actually know how to agree and disagree with respectful villagers even if we support different camps. Go back to your village kesho in Kalenjinga like the voting machine you are and wait to vote again as instructed. I told you a while back I can never engage you because of your door knob IQ,you will have to learn to live with cowardly subliminal attacks and replies about other posters because that is where you belong.

Care to give pointers?


The Supreme court was supposed to declare the National Returning Officer has the power to call off or postpone the election, their job was to pave the way and they failed.

Next battle will be challenging the validity of the results the IEBC will declare, unfortunately NASA already have Justice Odunga’s ruling in their favour

Oh you are hurt? I am voting tomorrow and that’s a fact. With your celling IQ with no effect on humanity, to add salt to the injury you are just a loser online minion.

Guys, take it from me, there will be NO election petition. The SC will NEVER have a quorum until Maraga and Mwilu resign.

I don’t think its a crisis they created, I am more of the opinion they did not want to interfere with another constitutional body, but its interesting if you look at the absentees and one gets the feeling even the cj was just present for the formalities, I think they will steer clear of iebc and let the latter decide. Looking at the body language of the cj and deputy when they were with the president I don’t see them being kicked out and I also dont see them canceling the election either. Its like they have reached a silent truce.

I may buy your idea

Ngui…ngite…kigui wewe.

My thots exactly

3pm The Court Judgement on Harun Mwau Case, about nominations in this election. One more hurdle to nagivate.
Problem or Good luck, Mwau case is the one which determined the last election date which was held on March 2013.

The point is kitakuwa kimefanywa. That was jubilees point all along. Uotp na babuon said haitafanywa. Ndio tuna celebrate

Its very rare for a higher court to be directed by the ruling of a junior court