I'm not buying this quorum thing

wanjala mwana wa ingo sasa anakosea, he has been absconding his duties sana

I guess now the: mara hooo, mara hiiii, mara teargas mama cry will end.

second half most goals,

My thoughts too. Judge Odunga’s verdict today will bury Uhuru’s victory again.

By who? There will be no quorum at SC

Unfortunately, there will be a quorum. There is no way the supreme court can operate under threats from the executive.

The SCOK will never EVER sit to determine a presidential petition as currently constituted. Watch this space…NEVER!!!

MARAGA has more cards than the Head of the executive who has the backing of the legislature… INTERESTING.

Wait untill after elections (BY the way #NoReformsNoElections has flopped everywhere else but LUO-NYANZA).


wise man