Igathe Out

[ATTACH=full]150464[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]150464[/ATTACH] Phew

Rink for us to krick

Igathe have decided after kufika kanan ameamua kurudi michri.


conflict of how to not what to.The problem of being a boss is that you feel that everything should go your way always.

The cracks started showing from day one…each felt one is undermining the other!

Moral of the story?

Wah! Leafy suburbs married Oboho and it lasted 3 months. Hopefully nobody is pregnant.

That was fast.

Igathe and Sonko was a forced marriage crafted in Statehouse

Finally a man with steel balls 254
Lakini si hii post ya Deputy governor itupiliwe inje, Hebu nipe jina ya Deputy wenu, wa 001 simkumbuki but I’ve met him

What are you trying to communicate

Hahaha. there is nothing scary like working with a - chokosh arrogant and full of himself.

Igathe is a great guy.
He do not want to dirty his principles with non-functional governor

Huezi fanya kazi na chokora kama sonko, am sure Igathe meant well but Sonko’s idea of development is handouts and sprints to the media. Vivo Muganda amechukua tayari, ajaribu Mumias sugar ama KQ

I can imagine the quality of conversations the two were holding.

Naskia chokosh alimpiga Kofi.

Igathe is smart, he definitely knew that nrb county is way south to be fixed,… i watched him on ntv today with Mark Masai n he sounded like a guy who is trying hard and getting little,
anyway what does the constitution say about such an occurrence?

I wonder who the next deputy governor will be? I can bet itakua ni PK ama Margaret wanjiru

Wanipe hii kitu pia mimi nijijenge. Ama constitution hakubali?