Igathe Out

Why would someone (a dreamer) with higher aspirations like PK deputise Sonko in Nairobi?unlike other capitals around the world being Nairobi governor is a sure way to kill ones political career…maybe wanjiru chokosh mwenzake

@Abba tano fresh.

Tuseme Sonko should get a fellow chokosh because no corporate can take the challenge.

Already posted

@123tokambio ,wako kwa gate.


That was fast. It was a mitsake of a pairing


Anadigrad kolisemo vile pantigrad did kwa mion

I wish the petition against this sonko guy would go thru. This guy is fucking Nairobi than kidero. He completely lacks idea on what he should do. Alaf ni zile jinga zisizoambiwa because they know it all. Shenz kabisa! Why the hell did I support the guy?

A marriage betwen an interlect and a daft can’t work.


This is the problem with us Kenyans we move on very fast without asking the underlying problems. Igathe was the hope - now we are left with a chokosh for a governor.

If asked - we should have a petition to impeach the governor and have fresh elections otherwise 5 years is a long time being led by a crown!

Hii post ya igathe have decided is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day

Stop disparaging Sonko by calling him chokora. He is a little clueless but chokora is Overkill.
Nimeona that news and maybe it’s for the good of the city.

Igathe could not stomach Trump inditement on Africa and Nairobi being shit-hole.

Let other level headed leaders follow suit.

Hapo umeongea ukweli kabisa

The problem with Kenya and Africa is the smartest people are wimps. Igathe angekaa ngumu ata kama Sonko was bullying him. So we’re stuck with D- minus material, arrogant as hell leading major cities in Kenya.

FYI the petition was already kicked out by the courts.

Petioner hawakushow up…walisema walipata threats

From the horse’s mouth.
Sonko is a cunt.