I wish I knew.

Seeing as most of you are senior elders here, the young ones need lessons into life. What lessons on women can you share with us.

Because hii Nairobi nimeona mengi, that can drive a person insane.

We move on irregardless.

Dont be a @digiri

Kunguru hafugwi anawekwanga free range

Lesson numer one: Avoid single mothers.

Lesson numero duo: There is PNC after the event.

Kunguru hafugiki, elewa bayana.

Majority of Kenyans are so fake and lead fake lifestyles. After date Kempinski wanaenda kukula madondo kwa nyumba.

Asante, this has been drummed up here every single day.

Lesson número tres: always use a condom.

Kaa ngumu.

Since we are at it.


Is that panty a photoshop ?

Mitaro zikimaliza kuchimbwa na wahuni, zinaingianga kanisani kuchanganya waumini.

don’t be the one selling your profile to a woman. mind your life and work at being the man women want. let women choose you and sell their profiles to you instead

Control your thirst as a man and you will unlock a secret level of life

women fuck the man they want to keep even on the first date if she is not fucking you, she has sized you down and you are not her desire. move on… Make your “evil” intentions known early on… that’s if fucking is considered evil, saves you lots of time, kataliwa mapema…

Do not conflate women’s beauty with innate virtue.

Lesson nombre four, stop udigism

If you want a one night stand and easy lay try the church.

@administrator please pin this for life lessons.

whores aint loyal