I wish I knew.

If you cannot say NO to a woman, you will amount to Nothing

We start with you since umeona mengi

Hapana somesha mwanamke si damu yako.

A man who is able to control his Love for alcohol and thirst for women, has discovered true freedom, and nothing can control that man.

When a man drowns his sorrows in alcohol and whores, know that there is a problem

As long as you are a man, you need the true training of Masai warriors once you finish high school.

Kuruka mimba is a necessary skill nowadays.

This cannot be overemphasized.

He already is

Google has all the answers especially if you are a millennial

@lomelu use the little lizard brain you have to give advice. Kama huna keti kama NV uambiwe

There is nothing that confuses a woman like a confident smooth composed man. Confidence is all you need on all aspects not women only you will go places.

Lesson 5: Never trust nor love a woman 100%, always leave yourself some space for necessary adjustment just incase things go south.

Every time you feel like falling in love, find something else to do.

Lessono nombre six; always be a man in your house, dont be digi, controll everything including what you ought to eat

Don’t eat too many hoes it can cause bad spiritual energy, sex is sacred.

Lessono number Seven

Trust nobody including yourself.

Lesson number eight (8. No)

hapa umezungumza elder