I want to DF my Mboch.Help Please

Me ! This my wife I don’t know.

This is to all @TeamMafisi in the village. I need your urgent help desperately.

Wifey sacked anaa house help of ours six months ago and replaced her with a bukusu girl from the slopes and that move is really not giving me peace. You see, the other “girl” was so scary looking, alikuwa anakaa ni kama amekaushwa na stima. She was very ugly you would want to call an ambulance on her.

She was sacked and in came this girl from Ingo and btw she is not that bad looking. She is 23, perky breasts, athletic legs, fine figure and has a very nice laugh. She is very good at her job also and the appetite is a stunner. She is very respectful and gets out of the room when I’m around etc etc. And they talk a lot with wifey. They look like friends and she usually tells wifey everything, mshene za plot etc.

Hapo sasa ndio shida.To all #TeamMafisi members. I want to shag this girl and I want to do it as often as possible. I have found myself fantasizing with her and I’m desperate to tap that Kanyau. I want to grab that A** and fondle those breastises .There is just something about her …and before we all go ham, mjue ata mboch ni mtu pia. So, How do I get her to know I want to DF her without scaring her? How can I get her on my side so that we can have an illicit affair? She respects me very much but that is not what I want from her. Mimi nataka akuwe my mpango DF, wifey akileta upuz najisort nayeye lakini asiniseme na asiende?

Deparately need help. I Kawasaki with her in my thoughts and kabla nisome majibu, wacha nikafinye kamoja kwa loo.


Subscribed for comments… They will come I know.


http://cdn.happyplace.com/assets/images/2013/09/5238c32db5865.jpg Leave her a note in her room. Get your pal to write it so forensics dont match your handwriting. Something simple and to the point


Kua tayari to be the next topic kwa hiyo bloti yenu…


following this

Hii pepopunda imeenea mpaka kwa akili.

  1. Which slopes?
  2. Ulioa kwa nini?
  3. Congratulations for crossing the tribe line when it comes to DF.
  4. Ni nani hapa unaona ataamini hii story yako?
  5. How to tap a kanyau

If it has taken you six months to notice her,then you are beyond help. The nice ass and body means someone else is DFrying her maybe in your couch or bed when you are away. Giving her thick potent semen.


@PepoPunda =funda

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kwani team KEB hawajafika??

how about grabbing your wife’s ass, fondle you wife’s tits and do all those you wantto do to mboch kwa wife?


Sidhani umeoa wewe. You are wasting our time break ya salon


Who has that clip ya Mark Cuban wa shark tank awekee huyu jamaa?

kama ni mboch wako huwezi kosa mbisha

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That is also scary…I wish id also know how to nip that in the bud. Nikimfinya ntamwabia asiambie mtu…

I noticed kitambo but like i said…off course you cant go all fisi on her,you will scare the poor girl and she respects me very much kama baba wa nyumba. Inataka calculation ama calculated moves and also need to break that wall of employer employee

There’s nothing as good as New…? nataka kufondle zake. I know I have a wife na ndio nimesema nataka zake sio za wifey

Oh,boy! Your previous post you were sexually starved and you ended up kwa solja!! This can’t happen if you’re married…so hii ni hekaya tu!!

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once this breaks its downhill from there, bibi atajua faster than you can say “nimemwaga”

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How about I do to your wife what you want to do to the mboch since the wife no longer excites you. Nipatie contacts, I promise sitatumia vibaya.

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@Kijana wacha kujifanya. Ati sababu umeoa sasa huezi ona ama you became blind the day you married? Im still a man with gusto and i wanna tap that Ass. doesnt matter whether its a mboch or not. You tell me how to break the wall/ice,wacha kuniderail