I want to DF my Mboch.Help Please

Hii nyang’au ndio ilikua kwa solja?

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Finyia yeye jicho shjupitt!


i have an insatiable appetite Nymph. you should know!! Wife ni mtu kutravel sana pia soo… Amns gotta eat jeez!!

Yes! Ta imagine…

So sasa ni househelp na mimi niko hapa hapa tu…

Ndio… Sasa kwa hivyo? Unatakaje? Juu unajifanya Yesu, usinisamehee makosa yangu. Infact nichome hell… puhliiiiz:rolleyes:

Don’t be a cry baby! Unawakilisha vifyam.

Na usiniite yesu jethro wewe!

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aka second generation arrangement
…enyewe shida ni aina mingi hii kenya…

What is the world turning into?

If she is so hot, why not legally marry her and tap that ass as much as you want? I suggest you get your wife’s approval and get her a helper.

Fisi ni Fisi, [ATTACH=full]9011[/ATTACH]

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Now that is where we arrive at catch 22. If she is available it is not interesting but if she is not available it is interesting, you can’t help but wonder "how will that nyau taste?’

I hope cheating husbands around are also open to being cheated on:D:D:D…si arrogance ya sleeping around since off course they are Alpha males
and when they realize someone also was appreciating their hot wives wanataka kutaga mayai huku kwote:confused::confused::confused:


utamu na uchungu wa pilipili aujuaye mlaji…ni hayo tu. na, oh, majuto ni mjukuu…

@murangiri -is that sex or necrophilia?

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Someone is bitter! @PepoPunda chunga usinyofolewe transformer.

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Iyo mbisha Mr Mapepo, mafisi hatuwezi patiana advisory opinion absent pictorial material depicting the cause of your drooling.

IMO, it is never a good idea to bang your mboch, wife akijua (and they almost always do) she will be scarred terribly. And if you must play it such that she (mboch) feels she benefits more from your illicit sexcapades than you do, usimwonyeshe ufisi, be sly like saitan.


wanawake ni wale wale. the moment @PepoPunda aguse huyo mboch ataanza kuonyesha wife tumadharau ndogo ndogo mpaka itablow into a fullblown war ambako someone will “slip” this sentence- “Hata baba boii alisema wewe si mtamu” and the earth will have become the moon and vice versa.