I think Mater Heart Run didn't have sponsors this time because of corruption.

My dear mom amekuwa educator tangu 1991, and started organizing for her school kids to go for these charity runs in 2002.

I’ve tried to hesabu the total amount of cash Mater has received through her (yaani, the kids’ fundraising, etc) since she started na inakuja to about 5M. And that’s just from one person.

So the other day, we’ve got someone from the extended family who needs heart surgery, na tukienda Mater tunaambiwa 10M, tunajiuliza “Da fuq?!”

It dawned on us that Mater wamekuwa wakikula hizo pesa ndio maana hawakuwa na sponsors this time.

That goes to show that if you don’t stop corruption, it corrodes through the whole system. It started with politicians, it went to doctors, now it’s in KCSE students stealing exams. What next?

Aki let’s stop being corrupt. I can proudly say I’ve never in my life given a bribe. Could we work towards a Kenya where that’s the norm, not the exception?


It’s not as easy as a personal decision

Believe me, it is. If you just up and say, “F it. I’m never giving a bribe again!” and refuse to give any more, that’s all it takes.

The problem is if even if you don’t give the bribe, someone somewhere will be willing to give the bribe…

I know that’s a very myopic view but it’s the truth.

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Wautu wa ofisi msipeane bribe. Haki yenu

Where is corruption here? More of greed. The world got enough resources for everyone’s need but not everyone’s greed.


My whole life since the time I wake up in the morning to the time I get to bed at night is one corruption circus.

Circumstances forces one to be corrupt,on your allegations I think mater had more than 10 sponsors.

The same people not giving money to Mater run will vote for corrupt useless politicians coz ni wa mtu wao. Sadness of life

The run had almost 50 sponsors this year. We were one of them. I did my due diligence. Huko ata ukaiba 10k unapatikana na unafutwa.

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i do not think we have enough infor to judge mater but i think this is a wake up call to them and other charities to be more transparent…


Was your relative below 18?

true we dont have the information to judge them but saying they lacked sponsors is an understatement,they had many.

A bribe can as well be a mere smile. si lazima iwe na monetary component kila siku.

tell the NTSA guyz to charge you the whole sheet when he asks you for the three k. na umwambie wewe ni mkenya mzalendo.


Is that the reason?

“The Mater Hospital has joined hands with various local and
international organizations to raise funds for children in need
of cardiac surgeries and who are 18 years and below.”
Visit KNH


@EngineerLMG if I may ask, what kind of heart surgery was quoted at Kes. 10m?

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Wacha niulize ntakushow.