I just don't understand

There is this friend of mine that lives in a single house and the only furniture he has ni bed. Picture this. Nguo kwa suitcases na zingine kwa hangers on the wall. Plus the kitchenware. The guy is starting out. Ndio ako on his first job. The guy kutoka tujuane nampatanga na dame different whenever I drop by. Na si madem ivi ivi. Decent ladies. Yaani wasupa warembo na wanafanya job. He told me several times yeye amefukuza kunguru zikiwa zimekatalia kwake.

Then kuna ninja huishi fully furnished apartments and the only pussy they get is the one they purchase or the one belonging to their cheating girlfriends. Ebu tell me guys mbona hawa majamaa wenye wanakaanga wamejiachilia have a big supply of ladies? Huyo mnigga am telling you about holds parties more frequently na unapata kuna madem kibao. Then hawa wengine wenye wanaishi poa don’t attract that much pussy traffic? WTF goes on?


now see you Life


Ati “holds parties”, kisha unasema chenye ako nacho cha maana ni bed Tu?
Simple, si uuze kila ulicho nacho, hamia bed sitter, kisha uanze kuhold parties uone venye watakuja.
Lakini jua, by the time wengine wanaendelea kujijenga, wewe ni degree ya masenye ndio utakuwa unashahadiwa pale University of Msoto…

I am doing okay myself and the guy is a serious accountant too. Otherwise if angekuwa hana focus we would not even be friends.

Inaitwa the " bad boy" effect.
The feminine gene in women is meant to unquestionably nurture and develop a baby into maturity.
Wanawake wako na good background can’t help but think that they are going to change a bad boy into a good boy.
All the girls who were brought up by upright God fearing hard working fathers always seem to fall for the makangas etc …
That’s because there is a little voice in them that half wants to change the man while the rebellious other half seeks the adventure of what life is really like on the other side of the tracks.

1% will succeed, 99% of good girls from a good background who fall for a bad boy won’t!
Did you also know that the hottest looking girls have a very low esteem and are therefore more likely to fall for anyone that so much as dares to ask them out?
The hottest girls grow up hated and despised by their jealous friends and in time they start to believe that something is wrong with them.
In their late teenage years while in college or high school, all their uglier friends are getting boyfriends etc but all boys are intimidated by them and that reaffirms their insecurities.
And then a makanga with Nothing to lose approaches them and confidently katias them with such lines as … “I’ve lost my number, can I have yours?”… Ama … " Niko na memory mbaya, si uwache nikupatie jina yangu ndiyo kila saa nikikuona unikumbushe?"

Kidogo msupa ameingia box!

People are different. Some are introverted others are extroverted. Some polygamous while others tend to be monogamous. It’s human nature and no 2 individuals can be equal in every measure. What is funny is that you’re measuring the “manliness” of men by how much pussy they seem to be surrounded with. Many men are content with settling with one woman and don’t feel they missing anything in life. Did you stop to think maybe these men you dissing for having limited chiles absolutely prefer it that way? In short watu ni TOFAUTI and everyone has their different versions of success.

That guy is just probably in his fuck boy phase. Kadinya. There’s nothing fancy about the fact that he has an abundant supply of pussy in comparison to the other jamaa whose supply of pussy is somewhat limited.

That’s just a stage in life. Sote tumepitia hapo. Soon he will realize age is catching up and his account balance is in three digits then he will get a reality check.

You cannot see that his poor living conditions are related to his reckless spending on slay queens who flock to him like flies to a steaming coil if shit?

Sii story na kuwa fuckboy… Every man has some fisi in them. Ni venye dooh tu ndio huwa inakatizia wengine. Usitudanganye hapa ati if you had all the resources at your disposal ungekuwa na hio mentality. Remeber, the sexual ideal of any male species in the animal kingdom is unlimited acess to unlimited mates. For females, it is to mate with the best available genes then look for the reliable but weak males to assist in child nurturing… alpha fwakks beta bucks yoooh…

But eventually age ita catch up na atataka kusettle… though kama bado kuna enough resources atakuwa anagusa away mara moja moja

Nonsense! In this specific case, the females are intercepting the fool’s money before he invests in a table, chair, wardrobe or carpet. The (protected) injections of seed are a minor nuisance they are willing to suffer as long as his generosity lasts.

You can choose to deny lakini ni ivo… It is your right to bury your head in the sand

If its a nuisance then why do the broke and dirty kanges still “inject” them

Wewe sasa ndie umekuwa ostrich. Slay queens don’t see you, they see your wallet. Ngoja siku atasota ndio atajua kunguru hufuata nyama.
Hata hao makanga unasema, kama sio pesa you think those kunguru would go for them?
It’s the reason Boyz haezi jijenga, kazi ni kuchangamsha madame tu…

There are some broke niggas who still bang hot bitches like shit. In fact the ghels spend on them…

Its either
Ako kwa His Hoe Phase
Ama, he is a late bloomer
Or both because najua alot of guys who have comfy lives working a well paying 8-5 but utamuona na mmoja tu. Its not scripted that all men are walking screw drivers

The story is good dick. We are over thinking this thing. If you do a woman well she will be calling, not the other way around.
I’m talking from experience and my house is fully furnished

Naturally a guy is more supreme if he gets good supply of top notch puzzaaayyyy