I just don't understand

And on the contrary, rich, old fat men bang ANY bitch they can lay their crocodile hands on them. That dude is an accountant, earning some good mulla, but ile time atachujwa watamtoka tu the same way drinking buddies hutoka msee. Inakaa hujapitia maisha uelewe venye maisha huenda…

:D:D:D hizo lines joa

I disagree, have see kanges from nice hoods dyk fly mamas and professionals like docs and lawyers(kwanza these ones payed them).They didnt discriminate, they would dyk pretty females who felt classy(manzi anabebwa sare). There was something magnetic with kanges before they were forced to wear uniforms

Ukizoea kuongea na manzi whether pretty or not chances za dyking ni high.Kange anachance ya ku dyk hawa madem juu anaongelesha asubuhi wakienda job na jioni

Unaangusha maV.E bana. Ask yourself where he meets these chics. Pale mtandaoni fucbook nilikuwa nashow slay queens niko na bash sato atokee.Within a month nina madem kama mbao.Simple.
Hapo mtaani same story madem wanajaa keja hadi unahama, na manzi akikubali kutembea chance ya kudyk iko hapo 98%


your friend has esteem issues. thts why he surrounds himself with slayqueens to feel manly. he cannot even furnish his own house, he spends his money on strange women, to feel manly. tell him to mind the final account, and start thinking about his life seriously. one man one woman, please

Fuck this shiet mayne

I now see why the cuter the lady is the lamer she is likely to be in bed.

Havjng money is not a deterrent to getting pussy. It does not mean the girls will go away when he gets the money. But the high turnover is a feature of broke guys.

You have no money you attract women who take you for a passing curiosity, they will use you for fun and move on. When you have money you attract women who want to stick around.

Kuna wengine hapo ocha walikua na kitabu.manze they fucked every girl in area manze kuna boy alionyeshwa hio book akapata dame wake apo.but eventually they turned out to be serial dirty drunks.malipo ni apa

Don’t say those are the niggas that targets 14-16 year old

In my limited opinion regarding this issue…i think the secret behind this is the living arrangement aka geography of the bed sitter v.s your other well organised friend… ukiishi place msoto huko mukuru kwenye watu hawajali who fuxks what where…penye watu wamezoea kumangana hadi hapo nje ya mlango yako, there is no stigma in having as many kunguru as your flimsy dick can handle coz.pia hujali majirani watasema nini…but huyu jamaa mwingine living in some posh suburb shida yake kubwa ni chenye maneighbour watasema…

Are you saying things just fir the sake of it, or based on logic and evidence?

Remember, we are on a threat about a guy who lives like a nomad but spends like a king on stunning slay queens. If you think that they want his, seed, you’re dreaming.

@Nattydread, wewe ni Mkale ama muluhya? Either way, nobody can stop reggae!

Arap Nattydread.

The only prerequisite to catch any woman is to have your own house. As to how many women you will catch if you have that is your choice.

I’m not saying they actually want kids with kanges. Just trying to highlight the alpha fucks dynamic. Na wewe unaichukua literally na kukach ma feelings… zishike basi

Bad boys typically have the alpha gene.
The broke ones just haven’t realized their potential yet but they will still attract women with their rogue character.

Tafuta book inaitwa Why Good Girls Marry Bad Boys