I am probably going to fuck this married neighbour of ours

There is this little petite neighbour of ours, she’s a secret second wife to some nigga so he never spends the night at her place. We have been interacting for a while now and my “fuck me radar” is off the charts. Hopefully there will be a hekaya for this so tulieni tu villagers

Nimeacha wakipiga rangi casket hapo juja road

Luwere in advance.

unasema nini

Leo iko joto.

You have better chances of shouting #Resist near airport and being let in

It’s likely ameshinda akitupa mahindi hence “provoking” the radar. If you slip and take the bait, advantage kwake.

philosopher in shit…wachana na bibi za wenyewe,umeshindwa kuweka wako wa wenyewe ndo utaeza…

Hakikisha umemtafunia mkombero na njugu karanja.

Your epitaph will read “Here lies @MadPhilosopher , we found his body but not his head”

Nani amesema ame shindwa na wake…

Boss kamua bibi ya mtu boss

In my philosophical opinion I don’t consider it a marriage, what kind of marriage is it when a man marries a young lady and never spends a night with her? It’s just an arranged formal prostitution. So be rest assured if the opportunity presents itself I will grab it with both hands therefore take that opinion of yours and put it in your stinking ass.

Kamua kunguru wachana na hizi nugu

kiherehere ni ya nini wewe???nani amekuuliza??peleka umoshodo mbali na mimi na uache UMAMA

I have always fantasized dying inside a pussy.

which ever stupid decision u decide to take don’t go to her place let her come yours.Its better ukufie home ground its more dignified.

There is 3 such ladies in my flat that has a total of 9 houses.
No. 1., the prettiest, a guy in a BMW shows up may be once every two or three months
No. 2., looks good, a guy in a lexus is around every sunday afternoon
No. 3., Abit old for me, but I’m sure was a looker in her days. An old, very quarrelsome man in a prado spends his saturdays and sundays here. He quarrels you if he finds your car in “his space”

All have kids. The second one exiles the kid whenever the nigger shows up

In the mix ! ok

Want you looking for an opportunity to do a cheaters parody in the previous thread? Or will you catch yourself ? You have a fascination with adultery…

When i lived in mwea, there was one guy who was a kabayan hawker, he married a school girl who was also a kao.
One day as i was going to shop a girl stopped me and started giving me story and i came to realize she was the one when she mentioned the landlord.
That evening as i was showering somebody knocked the bathroom door and told me to open we shower together.
Me: “why and you are married”
Her:" ako down sana hanitoshelezi"
Me: " how do you know am not worse than him"
Her: " by the looks"
When she came into terms i was not going to open she went away. Kuchungulia kama ameenda i saw a guy standing outside his single house and i knew he has heard it all.
The following day maji ilikuwa imepotea na ilirudi saa kumi na moja asubuhi and since her husband had already left she this time knocked my house door but i never said a word nor open. After i came back in the evening she told me that she tried waking me up nichote maji but nikajifanya siskii…
Remember the guy who was standing outside his house? I saw him confiding with the husband of the young whore, and i knew definitely something was cooking. After one hour a knock on the door and it was the husband, called me out and told me he want to tell me something.
We went in a dark corner in the plot and warned me to respect peoples wives, i told him its ok as long as he will warn his wife for me. And also i told him how his wife told me ako down.
The following day there was divorce.
One thing that made me resist the temptation is that pure blood hakuli bibi ya wenyewe na only eats from gema.