I am probably going to fuck this married neighbour of ours

I think you have mad cow disease.

Your story is very similar to mine. Some 11 or so years ago we closed varsity and I went back home to find new occupants in my old man’s servant’s quarters. They had a small girl, about 2 or 3 years old. The girl got really used to me and I made a point of bringing her a chocolate, maindi choma or lollipop every evening nikitoka ulevi zangu na uhanyaji…needless to say I became her favourite uncle, but unknown to me her young mother noticed this and developed feelings for me. So one day as I was busy playing with the kid the woman showed up, greeted me and we had a small talk then she left, she was a bubbly and shapely woman but I didn’t read too much into her over friendliness…the following day bwana akakuja jioni na kunizushia ati I should leave his wife alone…this caught me by surprise since I had zero interest in his wife…after all I was still a 22yr old with a lot of girls under my spell.
A week later dude pretends to leave for work na kumbe he was hiding behind some structure in the compound next to the gate, he must have been there for 2hrs hoping to catch me red handed with the wife. He was convinced i was taking advantage of his absence to take slices from his woman
Fortunately for me I woke up, greeted the small girl who was already playing outside then headed straight for the gate…dudes wife was there as well but I ignored her and to be honest I had no feelings for her…so I left for town but kurudi jioni houseboy ananisho ati am very lucky I had escaped a trap. Apparently after I left dude came out of his hiding where he had been waiting with a bow and arrow and had even alerted two of his friends to wait closeby…yaani singekua hapa. Up to now I do try my best to keep away from people’s wives

But Mikel, houseboy aliona aku-show all that afters??:frowning:

And he still continued to be a tenant?

bibi ya mwenyewe ni Sumu

ofcourse he got to know about the whole thing after I had left.
@Omundu , there was no way I was going to report this to my old man, he would have sided with the dude

you made very wrong mistakes . the ultimate mistake is being over-friendly with a girl child who you dont share any DNA . hapo unaweza pigwa setup hujawai ona . na pia hio ngombe tenant ungemwambia hutaki kumuona kwa hio compound tena na uende uchoche madhe

@pimpin5000hoes unaeza advice Huyu jamaa aje

Mimi wife ya mtu aniapproach,siezi kosa kujujua slices wallahi

I have read this issue here several times. Befriending a small kid wa wenyewe ISANOOOOO. You dodged a bullet.

Akojoe leo alale mapema. Bibi za watu ni balaa tupu. Furthermore, wanawake wengi…

Kidinyi alikauka hivyo.


You are made of 98.5% shit but your point is very valid. Mimi na watoi wa neiba I have never ever entertained.

Me i attract kids ile mbaya. Not once every plot i have ever lived.

Wekelea hekaya complete

You must look like a clown.

Not necessary its all about the kid liking you, and also not scaring them away.
I also like kids below the age of 5

[ATTACH=full]139524[/ATTACH] My friend chunga sana. Some few moments of pleasure can lead to a lot of pain.

But if you must chew make sure ubadilishe mandhari. Yaani ukakulie vitu mbali sana. Na uzime simu yake kisha pia yeye ajue ule uwanja wa mchezo last minute.

Some women even use it as a trap. When i get time i will put a hekaya.