Hypertension, weight loss and diet

Recently, I visited a medical facility to seek medical attention for twisted ankle.Sasa nikiwa hapo triage, nikifanyiwa zile tests za BP etc nurse ananiambia blood pressure yangu haiko poa - it was 132/90. Doc also repeated the same says I need to keep my weight down - Am 79 now - akanishow i need to get to atleast 75 plus to avoid wheat based products na nifanye tizi kwa wingi.

I only drink like once or twice a month, usually a kaquarter whisky and like 3 beers max.I

Villagers, how does one maintain a normal BP and what dietary restrictions must i abide by?

Are you related in any way to @Bingwa Scrotum ?


Swadakta. @Luther12 kuja utusaidie hapa.

are you four feet tall?

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No. Am 5’9

Seems kinda short .

i think your dr is an alarmist but our resident medics will say…

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He actually said I am prehypertensive :frowning:

hit the gym, get a bike na uwache mawazo mengi

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could it be related to your genitals???

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Considering that anxiety of being in hospital, and as @gashwin has rightfully said, your Dr is stretching the truth. 132/90 mmHg at a single sitting would not make me declare you “pre-hypertensive” especially when you did not come in with any cardiovascular related complaints. I’ve seen 200/120 mmHg in persons without a single complaint. Nevertheless, it’s ideal to have a BP lower than 120/80 mmHg. If you feel you need to make some lifestyle changes, then you need to. I don’t know your age, but I’d only worry about a 132/90 mmHg reading on more than 2 visits, if you are 25 and below.


there are times i wish i could give one a double like. this is one of them…

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I see.I will have it checked again.Thanks for the info.So what happens if it remains in the same range? And what are the best ways for maintaining a normal BP…turning 34 next year

In any case, ni vizuri kupunguza wheat products and maintain a more physically active lifestyle. Iyo pombe iko sawa.

Your doctor lied to you…5’9 at 79Kg is not bad…but let @Luther12 educate us. If you were 3-4feet tall and you weighed 79kg then apart from BP, you would have a lot of sexual harassment suits by women wearing heals whom you told “your hair smells nice”…

hehehe true!!!

poa buda, will do

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5’9" works up to 69" or 175cm. This brings your BMI to about 25.8 which ain’t too bad but neither is it too good. Some diet and lifestyle modification may be called for.

As you’ve been told, a single measurement ain’t enough to declare you hypertensive, but monitor it closely and see what the general trend is over time.

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Sawa Doc, nitatimiza