Hypertension, weight loss and diet

  1. From my experience, in our setting, family history of hypertension is a high predictor of developing hypertension. If your mother, father, brother, sister has/had it then you are at risk too. If they had any sort of cardiovascular disease or accident, then you need to watch out for it and reduce on the other risk factors i.e. sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diets etc.

  2. Weight. The moment the lifts stop working and you have to take the stairs and by the time you are on level 2, you have to catch your breath and your shirt is wet from sweating you need to exercise more. If you have to keep punching holes into your belt to make it fit round your waist, then your abdominal girth is worsening, your lipids are getting higher, and you are at risk for both diabetes and hypertension. I don’t often see too many skinny people with hypertension or diabetes.

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