Hw many times shld Kenyan chix be warned about Naija men..♫Luwere♫ Flo

Luwere Luwere x2 Ms Floviance Razan Owino (in photo), who was arrested two years ago, will be executed next week in a female prison on the outskirts of Beijing.

She was trafficking drugs for her Naija Boy friend with out knowing. Let me tell u how it went down and normally does with our foolish Kenyan women. Mna travel with yr Naija boy friend to Beijing <— ngoja nirudi nyuma kidogo.b4 the flight to Beijing mnaija anaku treat kama queen…unapewa chenye unataka…FFWD & back to where i started …Sasa mnafika Beijing Airport alafu mnaija sees danger ahead…He hands the chic a parcel (hand luggage ) and says “baby i need to use the rest room and after that grab coffee/juice for us swirrie”. "Hey pretty jus proceed i will meet u on the clearin waiting line"Chuku says . Kumbe hata hio choo Chuku aendi…He goes and starts watching u frm a strategic position as u proceed to clear yr self.

Hapa sasa anakutumia kama guinea pig, ukitoboa well n good…utampata amekununulia hadi croissant uteremushe na hio coffee. Kikiumana well , u are on yr own …RIP Flo.

Ps: Her family never knew of her whereabouts for 2 years. Chinese embassy called them and said msichana atamangwa. Now sing along me…♫ ♫Tuliwambia lakini hawaskiangi♫ Luwere Luwere♫…♫ukisema wanaija ni manyoka ♫Luwere Luwere ♫wanasema Kenyan men are not romantic…Luwere Luwere♫


sad but let her carry her own cross.

si atoe shades custodian alete stamp, atleast aongezewe cert kwa eurology

wewe @Javino ulishaambiwa kumangwa is not the same as kumadwa, chyeth



Hawatahi sikia. Ever heard how they wax lyrical about Kenyan men and their lack of ‘romance’? Masoaps zimeharibu akili za wengine wao.

I think its an excuse they have, the bottom line is greed…


A wise man once said, “There is no Mr Perfect, only Mr As Good As It Gets”. Women, cast your lot among Kenyan men. If it backfires at least you bounce back alive…hehe…


hehehe ati lack of romance, Ma naija ni waongo ajabu, I once happened to be involved in a car leasing arrangement with some Kao chic that had come back to kenya with her Naija nigga walikutana Dubai. Obviously as men we would begin chatting about cars and all that nitty gritty stuff with the broda, he claimed to be selling cars or exporting cars from Dubai to Naija but some of the simplest questions about common vehicles he would answer wrongly but since I wanted to be a gentleman I never corrected him. I even begun questioning what else he may be lying about (at the back of my mind of course). However I wished them best of lack


When you date a ‘business man’ but you cant even throw one or two clients his way,well…ignorance is very expensive.Pole kwa familia yake

“eurology” ni maneno ya pesa ama ni story gani.


Can you spend a day or two without knowing that a guy has shady deals??? NO. She knew the business at hand, but the money was too attractive.

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That seems like it…@lngia

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It came with a “cheep”. Samehea mtu.


Our women are very naive and are easily manipulated by foreigners, in this case Naijas. I normally see many of these guys in Umo, Tena, Doni but you can never know the exact kind of business they do. Very creepy fellows and one is advised to stay far away from them as possible.

kumangwa means getting shot, the last time i heard, Chinese execution is done by shooting a.k.a firing squad…ntakutoa hizo matumbo zako wewe kitu nono

Kenya should apply the same harsh punishment to those chinkos who butchers our elephants…


These women are too gullible. She risked everything because a fast talking foreigner with designer clothes and heavy cologne bought her a few meals at a nice restaurant.
I hope she gets pardoned but it’s unlikely. The Chinaman doesn’t play with drug traffickers. As it should.

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Her goose is cooked. She is a goner. Chinese don’t forgive or pardon drug traffickers. Luweere.