Hw many times shld Kenyan chix be warned about Naija men..♫Luwere♫ Flo

Kenyan women are easily deceived by these foreigners. Some of them are just too dumb.

Fail… Thought inakaa kitu kama hii[ATTACH=full]5502[/ATTACH]

Mujamaa si sazingine uko na upus, sasa matumbo yangu inaingilia wapi hapa

I remember sometime last when my dad and I we were taking my siz to uni for admission, my dad told my siz not to fall for Chinedu’s brothers tricks.My siz and I just laughed, college girls easily fall prey for such, cz of money

Mshi Kenya anaingia bokisi ukimpeleka Macha au Naivasha, niambie ukimfikisha Shanghai.

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It is very possible she did not know of the things that may have been planted in her luggage. Akiambiwa shikilia ii niende choo hangejua. Especially based on the fact that she seems uneducated/unexposed. Msichana ukipeleka out kidogo anachizi, imagine how it probably was with some flamboyant nigga ameangukia taking her and maybe her friend holiday far East

What a waste… Si wangemweka kwa nyumba wamkamue daily? Why dont we hang the Chinese for killing our elephants? I forgot, they are in bed with uhuru

kumbe ni fimbo ivio… FAIL

Kazi yao ni kushinda cyber.