HP 8440P

Am looking for a work laptop . Is the hp 8440p a good brand for running multimedia software and developer tools like eclipse?
Its a core i5, hd 750 gb, 4 gb ram and 3gb nvidia graphics card.

what type of geforce graphics card.


Wwhich multimedia softwares?


The specs looks good but with time that laptop slows down by its own so for multimedia n the kind of software you want to run I wont advice you to it
@evroza huto tulaptop tunauzwa 30k or so bu tu usless sana

Kama ni blender then sioni shida hapo

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31k http://html4.m.olx.co.ke/core-i7-brand-new-hp-elitebook8440p-750hdd-4gb-2-8cpu-dvd-cam-wi-fi-64bit-iid-790005661

where did you get the Graphics card infor. That machine daen look good at cooling stuff, ma advice stay clear of that machine. You dnt get cheap machines that are powerful. budget for 70k and above.

Siku hizi kupata laptop poa ni issue. Especially when it comes to sound, graphics, colour rendering, and real life fidelity picture rendition. But with 30k you arent gonna get anything better. With some 60k and above you can get a second hand but good laptop.

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go for Toshiba it will never dissapoint

ikifika Muranga itakua ishaisha rangi za graphics card

How did you know about the cooling system? But most of the overheating is as a result of dust and power supply.

Ai, boss, io bei ni suspect sana. If second machine, get one of around 50k. Otherwise unachezwa

woi… pole. cooling systems in a laptop are judge by the vents, and the pic that on OLX daent do you good. I went a step further and googled the machine and the vents are still an issue for the specs that you described. let me enlighten you on something the power supply produces the least heat in a comp. the biggest culprits of heat are, processor and a graphics card. they constitute to 90% of the total heat generated by a machine.

Conclusion. For a machine of such specs ventilation and i mean good ventilation is a must. Yes, dust contribute to heat by it blocking vents but that’s an after fact. Ask your self why alienware, MSI and ASUS ROG laptops are bulky?

So what is the best laptop he should get for that work? Brand and specs.

good brands are dell, hp, asus, msi and lenovo. get this as the min specs, Core I5 that’s has multi thread technology, 4 gb RAM, Nvidia GTX 600M&700M series 2GB, SSD 128gb, 1TB 7200rpm. This are the bear minimum you are to look for, you wont regret. If you have the money and you ready to learn how to use a comp get a Macbook.

How are Intel gpus compared to Nvidia’s? What’s the advantage of a Mac over a PC(najua tu less viruses)?

point of correction, the market dominants of GPUs are Radeon and Nvidia. Intel are best known for their CPUs and they dominate that market hands down. we have AMD (still Radeon but known as AMD in CPU circles). Yes Intel have intergrated graphics in their CPUs but thats not for doing much in therms of editing and video rendering. thats only for display and themes of the OS you will be very limited if you bank your hopes on Integrated Intel graphics. the weird thing is AMD CPUs are cheap as compared to Intel. AMD flagship the FX series compared to Intel Core I5 & Core Core I7 have a price difference of 5 to 15k. Here is the catch, an intel processor will consume less power and multi-task demanding apps faster and more effective than an AMD processor. With 20k you can get an Octa-core AMD processor, with the same only getting you a Core I5 quad core processor. the Intel Chip will out perform the AMD chip. There are so much thats is utilized by applications other than the numbers of core a CPU has, that’s the summary of it and i know i haven’t done justice to it in terms of explanations.

Apple products in general have a very high quality control and assurance policy. It daent mean that PC products are bad nooo… far from it, they are the same thing. The difference btwn a Mac and a PC is the Software (OS) not the hardware. You can build a PC with the same specs as a Mac at half the price of the Mac.Mac users look for quality (assured quality), top notch engineering, and product control. The reason why Macs dnt have mob virus as the windows platform is down to market share and how open an Operating System is. If MacOS was were Android and Windows are we would be speaking of the reverse.


impressive xew

very impressive hii yote umekaa chini ukafiria?