HP 8440P

When you know it’s very easy to pen it down.

Some basic stuff if you’re interested in computers. Not hard.

Computers are tricky. Graphics will depend on everything including the quality/type of screen you have. Sound quality will depend on speakers and the amplifier circuit used inside. Old HP laptops with the old Altec Lansing speakers have such good quality sound that you can listen to music or watch a movie on them(Until chinaman started manufacturing everything including Altec Lansing). Speed depends to a good extent on the processor, but the major determinant is infrastructure(buses). The more compact the computer, the higher the circuit integration, the slower the machine. Dont run for the Core i7 thinking it has the best speeds. It might do worse than an intel pentium because speed depend on many factors. This is the reason we have quad core phones with 4gb RAM but will still not beat an Intel pentium IV with 2gb/1gb RAM laptop in processing. The other thing is that many types or generations of the processors can be run at terrific speeds going into many gigahertz, but they would eventually burn up. Speed is limited by heat generation and heat dissipation capabilities.

So for a well rounded computer you need to dish out the cash. Otherwise, get what just works with 30k.

Ulimi mzito?

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@Cypher254 Max’s osx is based on unix, android on linux so what are you trying to say hapo kwa virusi or on opposite whatever you were referring to?

Mwanaume jibu vitu in simple ways. Hivi ndivyo watu hufail mtihani. A wise man would have noted that the guy anataka kutumia blender(a freeware which ni 50mbs) halafu u go ahead and recommend mac to him really?

Avicii there are two guys that have questioned me, @Muranga and @danji1. When I give ma thoughts on electronics I dnt solve your issues for now but look at your trajectory and give you something for the next 5 to 10 yrs.

When I talk of Microsoft and Google it’s their market share and how easy it is to build a virus or spam coz there are lots of guys who will share it. Apple has some serious restrictions for their app store and most programmers shy away from it.

So according to you Android has viruses? Fyi android playstore has a more stricter system than Apples store http://www.androidpolice.com/2015/03/17/googles-new-app-review-guidelines-smartly-address-several-big-problems-with-the-play-store/


Avicii are you trying to insinuate that mac OS have more infections reported than android or Windows?

Every Operating system has virus, their magnitude of destruction and their prevalence is the issue.

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typo was using ma phone then.

Wewe uko na mashida ya kuelewa vitu. You don’t properly analyse statements before responding. Kindly reread my comments halafu urudi na jibu

wewe ndio unashida explain this,

If that daent insinuate that android daent have viruses then i dnt knw english. Dnt write for the sake of writing. you are way off topic, we are discussing hardware, software than will run is a sub context.

FYI i hate apple products. Find them too much hyped and very limited interms of customization and upgrading.