how to be a "Dinner Hoe"

grrl power lol
since these the fools following Nyakundi have decided to press on with their dumb bandwagon. Let them know that I’m one of those slay Queens that don my crown with pride.
As if a guy can go a week without sex without being angry at everything. Look at them all bitter mens waiting for Nyakundi to show them wife material easy lays since That is their wet dream.

Before I got my current bf, I liked to be taken out by men. A grrl can get bored so I must 'av fun lol. Now when losers see me with these men they would call me a slut but in truth, I rarely removed my panties ng’o. Enda ukikauka lol.
I was being dined, movies nini nini, outings hapa na pale before I met my soulmate.
Ata I don’t feel regret for leading these boy children on. They are so thirsty and 'av muchene, you sleep with him anaenda kuambia marafiki zake wakinunua FIFA huko Junkie. They also try to be smart ati anakufkuza kwa nyumba or ghosting on you after you’ve given him what he wanted. Mtajua hamjui.
This is how to be a “Dinner Whore” how to enjoy life grrls and keep your dignity for your one true love:

  1. Make Out with him then stop. Hahaha the only reason to make out is find the size of his dic’ if it’s small run. The sex will be 100% be bad. Imagine 1st time sex with a Kenyan man with a small dic’. The man will want to finish from whence he left, that is a 3 months of meal tickets honey.
  1. Moodz lol. You know how series have will-they- won’t-they couples? Play that game with him. When you have him on the leash piss him off, create distance. They keep coming back for that.
  1. Perform wife duties, moderately. Mpikie food, clean tha house. These men are lazyyyy, he’ll think he’s keeping you around kumbe it’s you getting through a broke month. A purse can be empty hahahaha
  1. Obvious Chest. lmao. Be a tease, it’s how you play to his ego. There was a guy I sent only good pics then one time I slipped in one with a lil bit of too much cleavage and then told him sorry it wasn’t my intention lol. Mixed signals are a classic to get men to take you out.
  1. Let everyone be jealous, alarr. If he’s chatting to other chics talk him down about it, if he ignores that you play up other men. He’ll tow the line.
  1. Call him sweet nothings. These men are so sensitive these days, ati they ask you if you love them. A whole man anauliza Kama unampenda. Nakupenda sweetie, mwaah. hahaha
  1. WhatsApp. Blue ticks, late responses, change prof pics regularly, hide and reveal your last seen like Everytime. You gatta be unpredictable.

Nothing to add.

Wild bird sanctuary chukua hii na make sure haitagi mayai. Saitaan!

Nothing we didn’t already know, up your game mami

Smh…onaa huyuu

what gal makes out with a guy then runs off? maybe in telenovela

I see they have called up their new/spare handles

Ona contradictions, panties nayo ulitoa na ukamwagiliwa uji with sweetness and niceness. This is just you trying to convince yourself that you didn’t hoe :smiley:

Cheap whore.

Girl child, please put your anger to one side and concentrate on improving yourself.
If you put all this effort you put humiliating young boys into something worthwhile, you can be the next Njoki Ndungu, or found the next Keroche breweries or lead the IMF.
Small dreams make small people.

Mmmh mmmh

Tell me you copied from somewhere before I call you a …

All that shit is expected and we deal with it categorically. each one has its own medicine. Playing hard has a medicine. kukuweka kwa queue hadi next year. nakuwa “busy” all time… that time utakuwa soft sanaaaa. least effort works best.

:D:D:D:D:D the feelings on this thread from all the sensitives

wooooooooooooh! :eek:


Girl child amegawa pussy “boyfriend” aliingizanga mjulubeng akaanza kuuliza dame kama imeingia ama bado iko nje.

If am taking someone out, i prefer sharing the bill right in the middle, that way, no one goes feeling like the other party owes them anything.
That’s how u get to weed out gold diggers. If both of you are interested, then each of u will make efforts, for the next date.

Malaya mjinga

Shut up beta male

You living in merica?