how to be a "Dinner Hoe"

Rhymes with Dinoho (snail).

What is this, what’s wrong with sharing bills after going out ? Seriously ! ! !

And what is it that Alpha males do ?


and one year later the ghel is posting motivational quotes all over social media

that is real hoe behaviour don’t sugarcoat ati’dinner hoe’

Hahaha that shit would never work on me. Ati since when did a girl kiss someone alafu anatembea tu hivo???

lakini by the time upikie mwanamme food umejipa severally. Unless wewe uwe mama yake.

Honestly, this is sad, so sad in fact. So many Chics don’t have it in them t carry out all these steps, heck, I’m sure you cant carry them out either. But sikuget, you talk like you are single and against these sissy men, yet when you begin, you actually have a boyfriend, whom you have acknowledged severally (tumeskia). But i cant help thinking these are cheap whore tactics. When you posted this, i thought you were going to show how the Dinner-Whore come in…juu so far mimi naona unakula tu food kwa hoteli (unless wewe ni mluya sioni kitu inafurahisha hapo). And to be honest some of these things will only work on a guy who is in love with you. YOu chat up other men, who cares? how will i even know ? Unajua women have this crazy assumption that we check there phone (nah not me). Another thing, no man ever has a dryspell, its just that tuko na preferences, there’s a chic in every guy’s phone who has given her all anytime any day anywhere…so ukininyima hio ikus i will always have that to call…it doesnt all boil down to pussy…kuna ball, booze, magari, personal projects, work, women just think of Sex all the time…Go to Kilimani Mums you wont believe the number of time the word “nunu” has been used…kila post lazima mtu aseme nunu hii…mara sijui nunu imefura ama sijui ni sabuni gani inaeza osha nunu inuke kama stima…some crazy shit! Men never talk about their dicks…tunajua ni mnono

Chemwas? imi ano? ami ndalat, Konu britit!

Pewa like *10

Reminds me of when I was 22. I wasted this one ni99a’s life I hope alinisamehea. Sitaki bad karma. Ladies you gotta be a dinner hoe at least once in your lifetime, enjoy the gifts and have fun while you are at it.

Ilikupeleka wapi hio cheap stunt?

:D:D:D all women are conniving, scheming & naturally inclined to using men to cater to their whims, especially guys with this warped idea of women being sweet angels.

Nice one @girlciki93 !

You don’t even have a penis.

I dare you! :D:D

All men in this village have experienced this at least once in their life and even worse so its not surprising, this is what makes a person become an alpha and to be wiser and stop being a wimp and learn about women,it’s all part of the dating process.But as you use someone remember that their is a person after you that must pay for your sins,I have met some guys who have never recovered from the games women played on them,some become Cyprian Nyakundis/women haters and others start to use women for sex and get women pregnant and disappear

dem Malaya ni malaya tuuuuu na tutawatomba bado