How many Kenyans own Refrigerators?

I remember when I was a kid and my parents bought us our first refrigerator. Before that, we bought food to be cook just for that day, and things like cold milk and soda were luxuries. So we spent our time drinking warm soda, juice and fresh milk( sometimes cold from the kanteen when they had ice).

My parents used a matatu to go to work in tao. So instead of buying themselves a car they instead decided to buy a fridge, stovetop cooker, microwave, and washing machine. These were luxuries unheard of at the time. My entire perspective changed I tell you my clothes were cleaner, my belly was full all the time and I invited nearly the entire children of the village to see the fridge and sample the cold goods. Everyone was jealous even the people who were driving V8’s because they wasted all their money on a car. We enjoyed for a year until thieves broke in an stole the fridge…

The purpose of this story was to highlight that still to this day not that many Kenyans even own fridges in their households. And why is this important? As a way to increase the energy consumption of Kenyan households through the purchases of appliances like fridges, washing machines, induction stove tops, etc. And this would also improve the lives of many people since local factories could be set up for the assembly or building of those appliances which would put many people in jobs. So Rotich should reduce the tax on domestic home appliances which will actually help grow the economy.

As we sleep Ethiopia Manufacturing potential is growing bigger and bigger.

Huajian International Light Industry City

Arerti Ceramic Manufacturing

CCECC Industrial Park

We need to see more of this

And for those confused. I made this thread to highlight the need for having more consumers purchase more appliances as a way to help the economy grow and increase demand for electricity. Which makes us an attractive destination for manufacturing of consumer appliance goods etc.

Makes sense …With great leader we wouldn’t have to be advising each other like this…si usimame tukupee kura !

well done…

That’s true, only problem we face in Kenya is there are no genuine visions to improve the standard of living or benefit people.
We are not farsighted on issues economy most of the time…
We need to attract companies to come manufacture things in Kenya but the bureaucracy is just too much.
Was seeing a journal about starting a business in Rwanda, they have made their systems effecient, such that you can get licenses in almost one day. Imagine just a day! In some cases a few hours, assuming you gave gathered other required approvals, which also do not take long.

By the way what happened in the aftermath of their regional coup?

This bulky appliances are best suited for someone with a permanent place of residence. You are telling bachelors to buy fridge and sofasets yet tomorrow he will be vacating to nakuru. The following year ako mjengo mombasa :smiley:

When you have ERC discouraging use of instant showers/induction heaters to be replaced by solar boilers what do you expect, they clearly can’t handle the energy spike. A lot needs to be done before we can encourage use of energy intensive appliances.

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It will only make sense if the factories are owned by kenyans and pay their taxes like the rest of kenyans.
the thing happening in mavoko colonialism, minimum wage, give out maximum labour, indian owner pays minimum tax, maximum pollution. new slums, new prostitutes, cheap liquors, epz workers cant afford new inner wears, second hand panties, maisha mbaya. for manufacturing to transform lives local ownership is a must.

you always see wazungu complaining they wanted to put up a factory in kenya but we asked for a bribe so they won’t, you ask yourself why didn’t they go to Tanzania or Rwanda, where there are no bribes? They can’t, because they are just after exploiting our cheap labour, tax evasion, large market, nothing else.

I remember when a big company wanted to set up shop here in kenya and someone asked for a bribe and they had to relocate to Ethiopia. That guy will forever be haunted.

why didn’t they set up their factory in Singapore or Taiwan, or South Africa? Those guys are vultures my fren’ they are out to exploit us, nothing else. Let them invest in Ethiopia

Yeah.That’s how it’s supposed to be.Sio kila wakati mtu anashinda akikula from morning to evening.

Yes, the United States is a world super power due to its citizens’ high consumption of consumer goods. However, these goods must be fully owned by Kenyans if we are to succeed. Otherwise, we will only be fueling a huge capital loss i.e by buying Aramco, you are growing a company in Korea or Japan or wherever these goods are manufactured. The money exits our economy leading to a capital loss.

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They’re appliances made for all segments of the economy. We have never tapped into that potential.

For someone in a bed sitter, a mini fridge, small induction cooking plate (but people prefer gas but between the two which is cheaper?), a small rice cooker, and a toaster.

The previous problem was the very bad efficiency in the transmission lines. Ketraco has done it part upgrading them.

Also once the underground electricity ring system is complete in Nairobi. It should be able to cater to demand.