How is cabinet working now

With DP Ruto allegations that 4 cabinet secretaries are plotting to assassinate him plus some principal secretaries I wonder how is the relationship between him and the CSs and PSs now. How is the cabinet itself now working. It seems it is split right in the middle. Then next 3 years will be interesting to watch out how things turn out

How has it been working? Uhuru’s Cabinet never works.

It’s still making the elites especially the Kenyatta family rich. So yes it’s working as usual

What is kanze Dena saying on this matter

 A lot of Kiswahili that tortures my tiny Jaruo brain.

Even baby talk tortures your tiny brain.

Any other time or place this would be a scandal of historic proportions.

It is working just like all the time only that those who felt big and cunning at night now have to live with the knowledge everyone knows of their night meetings and their agendas. They also have to wonder their fate as investigation continues and what will President Uhuru decide. They have belatedly remembered they are just appointees and if their tenure is more of a trouble than benefit to the President then the exit door is the next conclusion. They also have to work with Parliament and there the President can’t hold their hand.

Maliza hiyo saitan

He talks to that female animal that has a male name…

They are divided on service delivery to peasants but solidly United at assassinating our economy with looting…plunder, corruption is what brings Jubilee together

Ask yourself… what brings Uncle Loot and Waititi together or the entire Tuko Pamoja thing… Wezi wote

as per the star the investigation was supossed tobe secret why kinoti and munya decided to leak it shows it might be true and they are trying to hide behind the mt kenya blanket

Matthew 7:23 - "… Depart from me, you workers of lawlessness."

Consider yourself blocked.

I’m waiting to see what evidence Ruto produces to support his charges.
Personally I think Ruto is lying. He is trying to portray himself as a victim of Mt Kenya unity. It will work very well because there is deep seated hatred for Mt Kenya people. Raila uses it to his advantage ask the time.
The only problem is that if he succeeds in painting this picture there will be another Kiambaa type of massacre. :meffi:

Hakuna assassination attempt, that was Ruto smearing the Kieleweke team. All the same, this is proof of a useless, meffi administration, none of these two teams deserve the Presidency, 2022 tutumie akili prisss

The other CSs being accused of assassination claims look harmless with the exception of Munya and Kibicho. I do not trust those two guys

ICC is closely monitoring the situation…they didn’t finish the crimes against humanity against the duo… Let the duo insitigate another round of violence:

Revelations that the International Criminal Court (ICC) is still pursuing the Kenyan cases has stoked fresh fears within Deputy President William Ruto’s political camp as his 2022 juggernaut gathers momentum.

At the heart of the fears is ICC prosecution’s determined pursuit of witness tampering cases as their saving grace following collapse of the main cases against Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta a few years ago.

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Getting nastier each day

So you believe the claims of Uncle Lootclean?

That’s the way it should get… Will make work of REVOLUTION easier…3 years hawatoboi