How is cabinet working now

This story points to me the gross incompetence of Kinoti and his appointer Uhuru. From the story in the star, Ruto never complained to Kinoti. He told the president who then went ahead told kinoti. Kinoti then goes ahead to tell the media. kinoti is a big fool who is messing up investigations with his love for media.

Mechanicals: Why are you impersonating a Jesus?

I believe Munya and Kibicho are capable of murdering people. They look blood thirsty to me…

I will say say kibicho looks blood thirsty and also Killing someone is hard the first time but once you do it you can do it again. And dont ask me how i know.

the Devil is a Liar: when he lies it is his typical nature as the father of lies:

And where was the food hidden. …only the devil knows

Amazing that these fellows are being exposed one by one. First it was Tuju now it is Kibicho

Have you forgotten Ruto ordered the murder and eviction of thousands ? Case at the ICC but it collapsed because all witnesses got murdered ?

Two sides of the same coin. Wezi tu.

Don’t forget Jacob Juma had blown the whistle that he will get killed and named someone in particular that wanted him dead. That murder remains unresolved.

Up next, Msando. He too had family, relatives and friends that are still waiting for justice.

munya is the only politician among the cs, the rest had fear all over their faces because they are either career civil servants or from private business

uhuru ordered the investigation and it was suposser to be secret now ruto is even more exposed, someone now can decide to off him, and the suspicion will be on those cs

I don’t think it has ever worked for rao, actually it has worked against him - but I think we like hiding behind the tribe, sasa where does mt Kenya people come in, especially considering these are not even political leaders, just government appointees.

:smiley: looks can be deceiving, you might be surprised those are the most gentle beings, mimi I would be woried about the seemingly innocent people, those are the ones who get you off guard.

Werii , demonstrations in support of DP Ruto in Eldoret , Kericho ,Nakuru , Bungoma etc ni when?
Ama pesa ya demonstrations haijaiva bado

There you are right… He shouldn’t expose his number 2 in such reckless manner, but anyway this being a Jubilee government in the hands of greedy morons it is understandable

To those who in the know these are government appointees but where the rubber meets the road where in this case ni huko Uasin Ngishu or Baringo ndani the folks huko will see it as yet another Mt Kenya sinister move.
I hope I’m wrong.

Hakuna demonstration tunaenda, ruto cannot win on the streets let him right the ship in the boardroom

Hata right now jakom and wanjigi can decide to do it b3cause the handshake has not gone as planned and when it hapenns jakom will not want a diluted presidency. Handshake and bbi itaishia hapo it will be back to 41 vs 1

And the Court in Hague would be the referee once again

no need for refereing if it comes to that they should let him have it