How i lost 3k to a Kunguru (true brothel hekaya)

[ATTACH=full]143419[/ATTACH] Guys, its almost christmas and i just lost 3k…this would have been fuel to Busia for Christmas, but for gaylords like @uwesmake 3k can be a whole new level of buttfcking sensessions.

So sunday i went to witness the madness at Kiambu rd, @Andrew Kibe had said there would be some serious cars to race that day…saw none! I think as a country we should try and accept we are not petrolheads…juu zile gari ziko down!!!

Anyway, got my time so wasted at Kiambu rd nika enda Amboseli, those who know what amboseli is know where id gone. Reason i like this place is you mingle with these Kungurus around affluent people and pretend like nothing is happening.

Sat down at the tiny Bar and ask for my heineken since tei siku hizi ni fake. Soon this hot fly kunguru comes through hugs me from behind and immediately sticks her hand ndani ya shirti…wana penda hii mchezo. After sampling 3 kungurus i choose a Naija one alikua na kiherehere sana sijui clients wake wote hurudi etc that she can perform a body to body massage…dont have a freaking clue what that is but i like how it sounds. So she says 3k for a session.

Huyu dem alikua poa sana, thing i like about this place ni hakuna viraka these women look like your average campus or well to do corporate chics.

Kama kawaida, you have the full massage, anakupiga BJ, them mwanaume unaanza kazi. Buda that chic gave me a handjob akinidara all over i came!!! Ile pre-cum like ilitoka kiasi tu but bado nilikua sija achilia maraia, ikabaki nimeplead na kunguru shes like ongeza doe, im like i need three serious strokes and im good.

Lets just say nilifap kwa shower…3k ikaenda ivo——————->>>>


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Mseme kwa nyakundi na utuachishe


Nigga you still learning the game you done pay for pussy in 2017 …unachezea yeye akili in hopes of greater things next time plan it out…unaweza kula nauoshewe nguo…Profile game mzeiya hii ndo new age shit step up…

Kweli wewe hujui Amboseli ni wapi, endelea kutojua hivyo

bruh as long as she is a hoe she has hopes of bieng saved from that life…they always want client that is ‘reliable’ and ‘stable’…if you can pull of a personality that can promise them that…that bitch will try and ‘play’ into sticking it only in her…if you play it well you can even get the bootloader unlocked for free…these bitches are desparate never forget that…and fucking easy to out smart if you done let your dick brain take over…but if she stuck on the trade move one…ain worth it you short on bills just move on get another strangler but never be desparate…but am wierd i only get urges sparingly and its not a must we fuck just suck it and go kind of nigga…weed and Ecstasy has ruined me


Naomba mepu ya Amboseli wadau

nice hekaya.

Ulitaka Tatu Pekee, siyo tano tena… Me thinks thats a good lesson for you, na kiherehere yako

Kuna siku nilenda massage pale care guest back in the day…nilipewa massage,bj na some dtrokes za kumalizia…nikalipa,dame akaenda kuji wipe…as she was wiping herself nilichukua doe zile nilikua nimempea juu niliona where she had stashed the cash…alikuja akaniaga me nika toka …Still feel bad for doing that,ni vile siezi rudi kumpea pesa out of guilt after all this time…ni hayo tu…kwaherini

Hapo hautakosa its 24/7 365 ingia hapo saa moja unakula breakfast na kunguru hapo ni home…ingia christmas utachinjiwa kuku na kuandaliwa kunguru kwa bed, unataka directions?? Hehe

Easy cum…sleazy doh manenos

Kijana unajidanganya or you are really inexperienced with ladies and hoes

@Ice_Cube someone finally dethrones you

My guy i really can’t act like i fuck hoes on the daily but when am in their niche …ma shields are all the way up…am worth more than than them…sounds bad but thats the real…but as i said am not a guy who gives in to urges…so i can’t say i have fucked a hoe when i think of it…even in high school i was the guy who would just be drinking at sj while ma niggz were busting nuts in the rooms but tukienda club will the one taking a take away for free…am just choosy and a fucking slime ball…shit has to be on my terms…and i always feel like am the smartest in the room

Vile @Deorro amesema hapo juu…Hujui Amboseli!

hii amboseli ni ile iko ngong road kwa uwesmake!

Kwani amboseli ina nini…am sure you talking about being fine…and nigga if she fine and she selling it …that just makes it even easier to handle…let her look for her money akikauka then move in…my mulla is for my spending and pussy ain on the list…man up don’t let these hoes fool you…if you got a crib and a ride and its all fly…pussy is yours for the choosing not chasing … niggas gotta develop some personalities and stop bieng teenagers…my time and attention is worth more than anything even God knows that