She’s very beautiful and sexy but unfortunately she’s positive. She wants a child. She says the doctor has tested her blood and found that her viral load is down and that its safe for a man. Is it worth the risk?


Nyonga manki na umwage ndani ya tot glass then immediately suck that cum with a syringe and shoot it inside her pussy. Same principle.

Are you that desperate you are willing to risk sleeping with a HIV+ woman? What kind of fucked up simping is this??


Kuta kitu kavu alafu kimbia umeze Pep!

Ona mijinga ingine

So you will marry her ama ni child support route?

For whatever reason you have, let me assure you it is doable and has been done severally without the father getting infected. Consult your doctor and certainly you will do it SAFELY. BTW without (encouraging unsafe sex) having unprotected sex with a HIV infected person is not a guarantee that you will get infected… Let us discuss further here how HIV gets transmitted to an uninfected persons…

female to male transmission risk is extremely low. if you really want to help her, use a cd, pump pump pump, just before climax, remove cd, shoot right inside. chances to transmission very slim, but you can at least take preps the after just for avoidance of doubt.

Enda sperm bank. Mpatie fare aendee

Mimi nimedinya madem wengi dry fry pale KU but sijawahi patwa na ukedi(I am allergic to condoms)…siri ni kutumia dawa zinaitwa Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)…of course nilikuwa na HIV test kit pale kwa bedsitter and shockingly kila dem nilifanyia testings alikuwa negative but it’s never safe juu anaeza kuwa amelala na msee ako na ukedi the day earlier…of course prep hukuja na side effects zake kama kutapika na kuhara mob the first one month ama 20days hivi kabla immune system izoee the Poison you are taking (karibu niachane nayo)but it works wonders na ujitayarishe kubeba STIs zenye huyo mathe ako nazo juu it doesn’t protect against STDs

Hiyo siku viral load itakua high. What’s wrong with bonobos really.?

Yaani ile mitoto ya MCA ina ukedi, na uko sure sio consolation unatafuta hapa after dry frying her juzi ukiwa mulevi?


Elder and Chairman emeritus Jacob Zuma chewed a positive person and took a bath no?

Do her very very slow slowly,this reduces chances of wounds on penis and vagina thus no infection.Afterwards wash with hot water Kama Ze Legend Jacob Zuma.

Take PEP and fuck her all night

No! If his penis has any injuries/ breakage of penial skin that will allow exchange of fluids (vaginal fluids from the woman into the bloodstream of the man) when the viral loads are high, the probability of infection is almost 100%.

This track immediately came to mind.